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Falling in love with DI Andy Horton

Pauline RowsonI was recently asked if I was just a tiny bit in love with the main character in my series of crime novels featuring the modern day detective, DI Andy Horton.  The answer  is yes and not just a tiny bit but a lot. DI Horton is fit, about forty and fearless. And to me he is gorgeous despite or maybe because of his flaws. 

I thought it might sound odd saying that I was  in love with Andy Horton but having read a recent survey that said a high percentage of women are more in love with fictional characters than their partners I feel a lot better about it.  Apparently James Bond tops the list of  the character most women love and he too is fit and fearless and I suppose if you think of the films rather than the books, where you can let your imagination create your own version of Bond, it depends which Bond you have fallen in love with. I know who my hero is but I'm not telling.

But it's not just women who like DI Andy Horton I am also very pleased to say, men too admire him and enjoy reading about his exploits. Adventure, mystery and heroes have always fascinated me and put that with the ever changing sea, one moment light and calm, the next dark and deadly, beautiful and beguiling but deceptively dangerous, and you have the perfect recipe for a crime series.

Undercurrent - DI Andy HortonThere are now nine in the DI Andy Horton series of crime novels with the most recent published in 2013, called Undercurrent.

DI Horton will appear again in Death Surge to be published in the UK and Commonwealth on 23 September  2013 and in the USA in February 2014.

I'm currently writing the eleventh in the series and I can guarantee that once again Horton goes out on  limb to solve a crime and gets into all sorts of trouble. So, for the reader who left a review on Amazon, who doesn't like the fact that Horton rarely calls for back up, tough, he's just that the kind of cop.  Horton is not a by-the-book typical police officer but a maverick, go-it-alone kind of guy, which reflects his upbringing and his personality.   No, it is not true to life or how a real cop would act but then it is fiction after all.

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MAY 30TH, 2013 @ 5:30:54 UTC

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