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The London Book Fair and DI Andy Horton Shroud of Evil Published

It was great to catch up with my publisher, my oversea agents and my friends and colleagues in the book trade on Monday. 

Pauline Rowson with Edwin Buckhalter Chairman of Severn House PublishersThe London Book Fair was pretty busy although I didn't think as busy as in previous years.  Met up with lots of my contacts in the book trade and publishing world.

Shroud of Evil, the latest DI Andy Horton novel, number eleven in the series has just been published in hardcover in the UK and Commonwealth and will be published in the USA in August and as an e book when it will also be available on Kindle, Kobo and Nook. I was delighted to receive my author copies which I'm proudly displaying in this photograph with the Chairman of Severn House Publishers, Edwin Buckhalter.

Shroud of Evil - DI Andy Horton 11 Detective Inspector Horton ofPortsmouth CID is assigned the case of a missing person: Jasper Kenton, aprivate investigator. The formidable Eunice Swallows, Kenton’s businesspartner, seems unwilling to give Horton any useful information, and Horton –irritated at being assigned such a low-ranking investigation – suspects thedisappearance has a mundane explanation. Either Kenton is with a woman, or he’sstolen from a client and absconded with the money.

 But when Kenton’s car turns up,and a shocking discovery is made, things turn serious. Immediately, Hortonfinds himself embroiled in an investigation that has major personalramifications, and one in which he has no choice but to withhold vitalinformation. As he struggles to crack the case, he knows it is only a questionof time before someone discovers he’s kept silent, and when that’s revealed,his part in hindering a major investigation will end his career . . .

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APRIL 10TH, 2014 @ 6:06:42 BST

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