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A captivated audience for Pauline Rowson as guest speaker at Probus Annual Lunch

A captivated audience, hooked on crime, Pauline Rowson talking about her crime novels to Fareham Probus A captivated audience listened enthralled with the exploits of my heroes in my crime novels, those featuring the rugged and flawed DI Andy Horton, and in my two standalone crime novels, In For The Kill and In Cold Daylight, when I was guest speaker at the annual lunch of Fareham and Meon Probus Club on Wednesday 8 October.

It was a very enjoyable lunch and a great audience. I talked about the inspiration behind my crime novels, which are set on the  South Coast of England, how I turn ideas into plots, develop my characters, map out the storyline and come up with the finished goods, currently thirteen crime novels.

Here are a selection of photographs from the lunch.  Click on the images to view them in a larger size.

, Pauline Rowson talking about her Marine Mystery Crime novels set on the South Coast of England

Pauline Rowson talking about her crime novels to Fareham Probus members October 2014

Pauline Rowson talking about her crime novel, Deadly Waters, to Fareham Probus members

Pauline Rowson answering questions about her crime novels at Fareham Probus

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DI Andy Horton (11).

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OCTOBER 9TH, 2014 @ 11:38:01 BST

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