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Pauline Rowson entertaining the audience with tales of criminality

Pauline Rowson entertaining the audience with tales of crime at Thornhill Park Over 50s DayI was delighted to be asked to speak to the audience at Thornhill Baptist Church, Southampton, on Wednesday 12 November as part of their bi-annual Over 50s Activity Day.

I met some lovely people who listened spellbound as I recounted how I plan and plot my crime novels and where I draw inspiration from.

Pauline Rowson talking about the mind maps she creates when writing her crime novelsI talked about my hunky and flawed detective, DI Andy Horton and the locations for the crime series centred around him, and my standalone crime novels, In For The Kill and In Cold Daylight They're set in the Solent area, Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight, on the South Coast of England.hich is the Solent area on the South Coast of England.

In Cold Daylight a thriller by Pauline RowsonI also explained how the idea for In Cold Daylight, came from a conversation I heard in the fire station in Southsea one day, where my husband was a fire fighter. The watch were discussing the high number of firefighters who had contracted cancer and some had sadly died. This sparked the idea for In Cold Daylight in which anti-hero Adam Greene exposes an environmental and political scandal

Pauline Rowson talking about how she writes her popular crime novels at the Over 50s Activity Day at Thornhill Baptist ChurchI gave the audience a brief introduction to my new hero, Art Marvik, who will hit the streets in Silent Running in March 2015 with the launch of what is hopefully the first in the series.  Marvik is a former Royal Marine Commando, Special Boat Services Officer and he gets sucked into a dangerous mission to  stop a ruthless killer before he kills again.

Pauline Rowson reading from DI Andy Horton crime novel The Suffocating Sea at Thornhill ParkI gave a reading from the DI Andy Horton novel, The Suffocating Sea before taking questions from the floor.

These ranged from choosing titles for my novels, to how do I switch off from writing, and how do I choose characters names.

Pauline Rowson book signing at Thornhill Park Over 50s dayI then spent some time signing books and chatting to individuals.

My thanks to Thornhill Baptist Church for asking me to be a guest speaker and for making me very welcome. Thanks also to the lovely audience. I really enjoyed being part of your day.

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NOVEMBER 14TH, 2014 @ 6:26:07 GMT

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