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Death Surge - now in paperback - read the third extract - view the location photos

The third extract from Death Surge - DI Andy Horton number 10 - now published in paperback. Also available as an e book. See where Death Surge is set, view the location photographs.

Death Surge - DI Andy Horton 10What began as the hunt for a missing man becomes the search for a ruthless killer...

The DI Andy Horton series of marine mystery crime novels (currently 11) are set in the Solent area of Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight and the surrounding areas on the South Coast of England.

A telephone call from a frantic Sergeant Cantelli to say that his nephew, Johnnie Oslow, is missing cuts short Detective Inspector Horton’s sailing trip to France. Summoned back to the Isle of Wight, Horton learns that Johnnie has not shown up for racing during Cowes Week, as previously arranged.

Read the extract from Death Surge

Gilkicker Fort, Gosport one of the locations in DI Andy Horton Death SurgensBehind the earth, hidden from view at this angle, was Fort Gilkicker, an ancient monument that was about to be developed into more exclusive houses and apartments. Horton gazed up at it. There was nothing to see except the revolving coastguard radar on top of what had once been gun casements, but behind it, hidden from view, lay a row of derelict red-bricked barracks, stores and offices, which were to be converted to houses.

Gilkicker Fort, Gosport featured in DI Andy Horton Death SurgeThe fort had originally been built in 1871 to protect Portsmouth harbour and to defend the deepwater anchorage at Stokes Bay. It had been abandoned by the military some years ago and left to rot by the council;, surrounded by a wire fence, it was out of bounds to the public, and the builders had yet to move in. The deep throb of the hovercraft caught his attention, and he turned to watch it ride the tops of the small waves across to the Isle of Wight where he could see the yachts racing out of Cowes. It made him think of Catherine, with her new boyfriend, and Emma, his daughter. He tried hard to push away his personal problems, and willed his mind to concentrate on the matter in hand: Johnnie Oslow disappearance. What was it that was bugging him?

Gilcker Fort - Gosport - DI Andy Horton Death Surge
Death Surge is available for sale in paperback and e book, It can also be loaned from UK, USA and Commonwealth libraries.

"A crisply written, cleverly plotted procedural with a nice twist, Rowson’s latest also continues the intriguing saga of Andy’s search for the mother who disappeared in mysterious circumstances when he was a child." Booklist.

Gosport towards Portsmouth DI Andy Horton Death Surge"Rowson plunges readers into the midst of the series’ intricate backstory in her 10th Det. Insp. Andy Horton mystery (after2013’s Undercurrent).  Within three pages, a newcomer may feel as if he or she is already catching up. The fast-paced narrative with its multiple theories, will draw readers along.”Publishers Weekly

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MARCH 16TH, 2015 @ 6:41:47 GMT

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