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A very hectic London Book Fair

Pauline Rowson outside Olympia at the London Book Fair 2016tThe London Book Fair has once again been and gone and a very busy one it was too, certainly on the Tuesday when I attended. The aisles were swarming with humanity as was London itself.  I always forget just how busy London is and how packed with tourists.

The London Book Fair was again held at Olympia where it was also held last year, before that it was a visit to Earls Court and I have to say that I much prefer Earls Court as a venue, but sadly that has now closed as an exhibition centre and is being developed for housing, so unfortunately we're stuck with Olympia. 

The problem with Olympia is that it's almost impossible to find the stands you are seeking.  It is a sprawling venue with staircases that seem to lead nowhere and Ladies toilets situated in the strangest of places and always up flights of stairs, with the Gents on the ground floor and some strange split level and zig zag designs of cubicles that defies logic and which must have been designed by someone with a strange sense of humour!

Pauline Rowson centre with Kate Lyall Grant and Michelle Duff of Severn House PublishersAfter deciding to head for the London Book Fair by bus rather than the tube (I loathe the underground at even the quietest of times, I hate being underground), I and my husband just missed the number 9 and there was a considerable delay waiting for the next one, which made us a little late for my first meeting of the day which was with my publisher. That and actually trying to find the International Rights Centre where they were located increased the stress levels considerably but we made it and as always it was great to catch up with some of the team from Severn House.

Dangerous Cargo, an Art Mavik marine crime novelIt was lovely to hear that many more editions of both the DI Andy Horton and the Art Marvik crime novels are scheduled for publication including Large Print format, hardback, ebooks and paperback.  The schedule of when they will be published are on this website, on the events page, also check out the book pages for the individual titles.

After my meeting with Severn House it was a dash to the English Pen Salon to meet up with my European agent Wampe de Veer of the Blackbird Literary Agency.

The Thames, LondonFollowing this there were meetings with others in the book trade, a bus back to Trafalgar Square, and a walk  through Northumberland Avenue, past the resplendent  Sherlock Holmes Pub, a rest in Whitehall Gardens in the glorious sunshine then over one of the Millennium Bridges (featured in the forthcoming Art Marvik crime novel, Dangerous Cargo, out May 2016) to Waterloo and home.

It was nice to be in London but it was even nicer to arrive back in DI Andy Horton country, to cross the bridge which spans Langstone and Chichester Harbours on to Hayling Island and to see the sun glinting on the calm blue waters of the wonderful sea in the Solent.

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APRIL 15TH, 2016 @ 7:10:13 BST

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