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Celebrating my eighteenth crime novel to be published in 2017

Lethal Waves, an Andy Horton Mystery by Pauline RowsonFabulous news, my eighteenth (yes 18th) crime novel is to be published later this year (2017). It will be the third in the Art Marvik marine mystery series called, Lost Voyage, and before that the new Andy Horton detective novel, Lethal Waves, is published on 28 February 2017.

I'm delighted that Severn House are to publish both Lethal Waves and Lost Voyage this year and amazed that in the eleven years since I was first published in crime fiction in 2006 with Tide of Death, the first in the Detective Inspector in Andy Horton series, I have managed to pen so many crime novels.

There are thirteen crime novels in the Andy Horton mystery series, two in the Art Marvik series, with as I say, number three being published in autumn 2017. In addition, I have two standalone crime novels, In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill.

It took me eighteen years to get published in crime fiction and many rejections along the way, but during all those years, as well as running my own marketing company, I was also busy finding my voice (developing my writing style) and perfecting my craft. Since 2006 you can see that I have been busy making up for those years of what I call my apprenticeship.

So here's celebrating this year, 2017, the publication of my seventeenth and eighteenth crime novels and hopefully more to come in 2018.

The Andy Horton crime novels

The Art Marvik crime novels

Standalone crime novels

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