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Running out of space on the new bookmarks

Pauline Rowson Bookmark 2017With a new Andy Horton mystery published on 28 February 2017, Lethal Waves, I needed a new bookmark. The latest bookmark showcases all my seventeen crime novels published, with one final space left (where the writing is) as you can see for my eighteenth crime novel to be published later in 2017, which will be the third in the series featuring undercover marine investigator Art Marvik. Click on the image to enlarge it.

After this  I will either have to stop writing! Impossible. Or have a brand new design for my bookmarks.

I use my bookmarks to pop into the copies of my crime novels I sign at the talks I give throughout the year.  A very useful marketing tool and handy to have to mark your space in an Andy Horton Mystery or an Art Marvik Marine Mystery, that is unless you read them from beginning to end in one session and can't put them down!

The bookmark also includes my two standalone crime novels, In Cold Daylight, and In For the Kill.  Maybe one day I will write a sequel to either or both.

For now I am working on both the fourth in the Art Marvik series and the fourteenth in the Andy Horton police procedural series.

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FEBRUARY 8TH, 2017 @ 17:33:16 GMT

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