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Did you know? Fascinating Forensic Facts

Crime author Pauline Rowson at New Scotland YardI uncover some fascinating forensic facts while conducting research for my crime novels featuring the hunky Inspector Andy Horton and the tough yet fallible Art Marvik.

Here is a rather gruesome but interesting one on Blood Spatter.

Blood Spatter

Arterial 'rain' is the term used where blood in an arc effectively spurts from the victim’s wound into the air and then drops to the ground as it gets further from the upright body simply by gravity. There can be several 'spurts' of this arterial rain as the heart keeps beating. So, not only will you find this arcing of blood spots on the wall/cupboards/doors etc. (it can even extend to the ceiling) you will find drops of blood on the floor as the victim lands.

Once on the floor these blood stains will have an almost star shape 'stellate blood spots' which show that blood has dropped from above, therefore the victim was upright whilst injured and bleeding.

So there you are!

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MAY 12TH, 2017 @ 6:40:04 BST

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