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The Story Behind Blood on the Sand

Blood on the Sand, Inspector Andy HortonBlood on the Sand opens on a cold grey January morning in Bembridge Marina on the Isle of Wight, where Andy Horton has decided to put into on his small yacht. It's hardly the sailing season but after a difficult Christmas, his first spent apart from his young daughter, Emma, and following some tough criminal investigations, Andy Horton, has decided to take a few days break. He also needs time to think through the startling revelations he's uncovered about his mother's disappearance thirty years ago.

Until two months ago he'd always believed his mother, Jennifer, had abandoned him because she'd grown tired of having a young kid in tow. During an investigation into the discovery of a body on a burning boat (THE SUFFOCATING SEA) he learns that this might not necessarily be so. Then the death of an elderly lady in a nursing home (DEAD MAN'S WHARF) throws up more revelations and a link to Jennifer's disappearance. Andy needs to consider how important this is to him, should he purse his own personal investigation into her disappearance? By doing so is he going to learn something that is even worse than he's always been led to believe about her?

Abandoned Golf Course, The Duver Isle of WightSailing helps him to think but he barely gets the time to do so when walking across the abandoned golf course on the Duver near Bembridge Marina he finds himself facing a distraught young woman with a gun in her hand leaning over a corpse in one of the discarded bunkers.

Bunker at the old golf course The Duver Isle of WightWhen Thea Carlsson professes to be the dead man’s sister and psychic, Horton’s old adversary, DCI Birch of the Island's Criminal Investigation Department, is convinced she is mentally disturbed and the killer, but Horton is not so sure. He finds himself drawn to Thea, perhaps because he recognizes someone who, like him, is haunted by their past.

Although he dismisses her psychic powers he nevertheless feels the presence of his mother on the island. He tells himself that can be explained by a vague memory of going there with her as a child, (it is five miles across the Solent from their home town on Portsmouth) but it can't explain how when with Thea he feels close to Jennifer as though she is trying to tell him something through her. Perhaps that is wishful thinking on his part.

While investigating the murder of Thea's brother, Horton is tormented with the decision whether or not to pursue the mystery into his mother's disappearance or to leave the past where it belongs. He has more pressing personal problems to deal with such as trying to get access to his daughter which his estranged wife, Catherine, is making as difficult as possible.

As the murder investigation in Blood on the Sand unfolds Horton finds himself deep in a web of intrigue that has its roots in the past. As the clock ticks he also knows the time has come to make a decision that once embarked on he will have to pursue to the end wherever that might take him and whatever it might reveal. Once he opens Pandora's Box on his mother's past he knows it can never be resealed.

'Another solid entry in a consistently well written series. Like Ed McBain, Rowson works many subtle variations on the procedural formula (including very interesting relationships between Andy and a couple of his superiors). A definite winner in the crowded field of British procedurals.' Booklist

'A very enjoyable read.' Eurocrime

Blood on the Sand is available in paperback and as an ebook, on Amazon Kindle and on Kobo. It is also available as an unabridged audio book narrated by Gordon Griffin.

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