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The DI Andy Horton Crime Novels - cleverly plotted, gripping, multi-layered

Set against the atmospheric backdrop of the sea in the Solent area of Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight on the South Coast of England. Pauline Rowson has been hailed as "redefining the genre of  the police drama”. Her cops are tough yet fallible.

DI Andy Horton is a flawed and rugged cop whose patch is Portsmouth CID and whose investigations take him across the Solent and into the harbours of Langstone and Chichester and its surrounding coastal towns. Living on board his small yacht in Southsea Marina since his estrangement from his wife, following a gross misconduct charge, the sailing detective is a man rarely at peace, unless he is on the sea. When fighting crime he is prepared to take risks and is fearless in his search for justice. He's been raised in children's homes after his mother abandoned him as a child. He has a desperate need to belong and yet is always on the outside. Being alone is his greatest fear, yet he is alone.

The DI Andy Horton series of crime novels has everything: compelling crimes, complex past history, a tough work environment, romantic entanglements and political intrigue played out against the dramatic and powerfully evocative British marine landscape of Portsmouth and the Solent.

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DI Andy Horton (12) Fatal Catch

Fatal Catch a DI Andy Horton crime novel by Pauline RowsonPublished by Severn House in the UK on 28 September 2015 in hardcover, released as an ebook and on Kindle on 20 December 2015 and published in hardcover in the USA on 1 January 2016

'Plenty of red herrings and a surprising culprit. Series fans will appreciate additional clues about the unsolved murder of Horton’s mother, Jennifer, more than 30 years earlier.' Publishers Weekly

DI Andy Horton (11) Shroud of Evil

Shroud of Evil - DI Andy Horton MysteryHow far would you go to protect a secret? For DI Andy Horton there is no choice, withholding information in a murder investigation could cost him his job.

"A great read for mystery lovers with plenty to keep you guessing until the last moment." Crime Book Club

"A compelling protagonist and mounting suspense make the book hard to put down." Publishers Weekly

The eleventh in the popular marine mystery series of British Police Procedural Crime Novels featuring the flawed and rugged, DI Andy Horton

DI Andy Horton (10) Death Surge

DI Andy Horton - Death Surge by Pauline Rowson "A crisply written, cleverly plotted procedural with a nice twist, Rowson’s latest also continues the intriguing saga of Andy’s search for the mother who disappeared in mysterious circumstances when he was a child." Booklist.

"Rowson plunges readers into the midst of the  series’ intricate backstory.  Within three  pages, a newcomer may feel as if he or she is already catching up. The fast-paced narrative with its multiple theories, will draw readers along.” Publishers Weekly

‘A high quality puzzle… a devious plot.  Death Surge is a taut and exciting investigation into a disappearance which turns into a murder hunt….all very enjoyable.’ David Marshall

DI Andy Horton (9) Undercurrent

Undercurrent - DI Andy Horton Mystery"Rowson successfully pilots the complex storyline, filled with wild speculations and a slew of suspects, to a fitting conclusion." Publishers Weekly

"Another solid procedural from Rowson, with a little kick of spy stuff for the adventurous." Kirkus.

‘The DI Andy Horton series has the pedigree and essential ingredients to shine as a prime-time, high-end TV adaptation.’ Tim O’Mara TV Director

DI Andy Horton (8) Death Lies Beneath

"A treat for fans of the puzzle-box mystery." Kirkus Reviews

"Convincing characters and a coherent plot bolster a crafty solution to the crimes." Publishers Weekly

"A fast paced excellent mystery, with an interesting diverse set of characters, and an intriguing hook at the end that has me eagerly awaiting the next installment in this series.Highly recommended." Mystery People

DI Andy Horton (7) A Killing Coast

"Deserves mention in the same breath as works in the upper echelon of American procedurals (those by Ed McBain or Joseph Wambaugh for example) and their British counterparts, including the work of Peter Robinson and John Harvey. " Booklist

"Unexpected Twists." Publishers Weekly

"Multilayered, twisted and complex." Booklist

DI Andy Horton (6) Footsteps on the Shore

"Andy Horton is an especially good series hero, a likeable fellow with plenty of street smarts and the requisite personal baggage – an abrasive supervisor and an antagonistic soon-to-be ex-wife. Procedural fans who haven’t already read Rowson should be encouraged to do so in the strongest possible terms." Booklist

‘Footsteps on the Shore, is a detective novel in the tradition of Rankin and Harvey and others. Like Rebus, Rowson’s DI Andy Horton, if not a loose cannon, is a detective who does not always work within the rules. As with all Rowson’s novels the ending is dramatic and deeply menacing. If you are a fan of traditional detective fiction in a vivid setting that makes you believe that you are there, you will love this one.' James Morley, Mystery People Magazine

DI Andy Horton (5) Blood on the Sand

'Like Ed McBain, Rowson works many subtle variations on the procedural formula (including very interesting relationships between Andy and a couple of his superiors). A definite winner in the crowded field of British procedurals.' Booklist

DI Andy Horton (4) Dead Man's Wharf

DI Andy Horton is a complex character: physically strong but emotionally vulnerable. Abandoned by his mother when he was ten, Horton, raised in a succession of children’s homes, growing up on the rough streets of Portsmouth, survived on his wits – and with his fists. He knows the dark, seedy recesses of his home city – which he hates and loves in equal measure. He seeks justice and doesn’t much care how he gets it, just as long as the villains get done. He lives alone.

DI Andy Horton (3) The Suffocating Sea

Suffocating Sea - Pauline Rowson'Rowson adds an appealing hero to the British Police Procedural ranks.' Kirkus Reviews

'Rowson turns out an exemplary procedural with the requisite plot twists, double-crosses and all loose ends tied up neatly in a sailor’s knot.'Kirkus

'A gripping, suspense filled murder case...entertaining read in an engaging series...' Booklist

DI Andy Horton (2) Deadly Waters

Deadly Waters - DI Andy Horton 2
Ambition, murder, adultery... Horton has only a week to find a killer...

"Rowson adds an appealing hero to the British Police Procedural ranks." Kirkus Reviews (USA)

DI Andy Horton (1) Tide of Death

Tide of Death - a DI Horton novel'A strong plot and some nice characterisation and dialogue, which makes this a notch above the average fare out there. Rowson is clearly a crime writer to watch.' Amazon

It is Horton’s second day back in Portsmouth CID after being suspended on a charge of gross misconduct for eight months. Horton has a point to prove - he's still a good cop

Where to buy Pauline Rowson's Books

Pauline Rowson's  DI Andy Horton crime novels and her standalone thrillers are available in a number of formats including, hardcover, paperback, large print, audio book and ebook format from all major retailers, independent bookshops and on line.

Also available on Kindle, Kobo and Nook and can be borrowed from libraries within the UK, USA and Commonwealth.

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Also available as an unabridged audio book

Available from all good booksellers in paperback, as an ebook, Large Print and as unabridged audio book and for loan in libraries in the UK, Commonwealth and the USA.

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