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Murder at the Pelican Club - a mystery play by Pauline Rowson


Cast: 5 males 3 females
Category: Murder Mystery/Detective
Set in 1940s war torn England

November 1940, England.

The play opens with singer, Tillie Trotman, about to commence her show. She and her friend, Maisie Duncan from the munitions works had entered a talent competition and Tillie had won it. Tillie had immediately been snapped up by agent and impresario, Maxine Hunter. Catapulted to fame by radio appearances and concerts, Tillie is now a forces sweetheart. This is her last performance at the popular Pelican Club and Restaurant before travelling overseas to entertain the troops. Someone, though is intent on stopping her.

This brand new detective play Murder At The Pelican Club, is an exciting 1940s murder mystery in the vein of the classic crime thrillers of the 20th century, an Agatha Christie style detective drama that will have audiences guessing ‘who done it.’ Written with a touch of humour, the play takes place in the Pelican Nightclub and Restaurant in November 1940. It can be performed on stage, or in a restaurant setting. Only one set is needed and eight actors.

Duration: Approximately 100 minutes
Acts: 4, Scenes: Act 1 Scene 1, Act 2, Scene 1, Act 3, Scene 1, Act 4 Scene 1
Principals: 1male 1female, other cast: 2females, 4males
Sets: 1

INSPECTOR DOYLE: Middle-aged man
TILLIE TROTMAN: Beautiful Singer
MICHAEL EELS: A drunken musician accompanying Tillie.
MAXINE HUNTER: Tillie’s agent and manager
BRIAN BLEMMINGS: The Pelican Club Owner
MAISIE DUNCAN: Tillie’s friend
RYAN CONNOR: An Irish waiter

Please contact us to read Act I and for background on the characters. 

Or commission an original script from crime writer and author, Pauline Rowson.

Coming soon Murder at Hillingbrook Halt - a 1950s set murder mystery play set in a bleak and isolated railway station waiting room on a chilly wet winter night

Brand new, exciting detective plays in the vein of the classic crime thrillers of the 20th century.

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Latest Production of Murder at the Pelican Club performed by the Winterbourne Players

Cast and crew of MURDER AT THE PELICAN CLUB Winterbourne PlayersCrime author Pauline Rowson's 1940 set murder mystery play, MURDER AT THE PELICAN CLUB performed by the Winterbourne Players, Bristol, from 22 to 24 November 2018 proved a smash hit with audiences.

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