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Murder Mystery Plays by Pauline Rowson

A brand new detective play Murder at the Pelican Club 

Cast: 4 males 3 females
Category: Murder Mystery/Detective
Set in 1940s war torn England

November 1940. Denmark and Norway have been invaded,the blitz has been raging in London since September.This is singer Tillie's last performance before leaving to entertain the troops, someone, though is intent on stopping her.

This brand new detective play Murder At The Pelican Club, is an exciting 1940s murder mystery in the vein of the classic crime thrillers of the 20th century, an Agatha Christie style detective drama that will have audiences guessing ‘who done it.’ Written in a serious vein but with a touch of humour, the play takes place in the Pelican Nightclub and Restaurant in November 1940. It can be performed on stage, or in a restaurant with the audience all round. Only one set is needed and seven actors. If performed in a restaurant, other supporting actors can be planted in the audience as diners if required.

Duration: Approximately 100 minutes
Acts: 4, Scenes: Act 1 Scene 1, Act 2, Scene 1, Act 3, Scene 1, Act 4 Scene 1
Principals: 1male 1female, other cast: 2females, 3males
Sets: 1

INSPECTOR DOYLE: Middle-aged man
TILLIE TROTMAN: Beautiful Singer
MICHAEL EELS: A drunken musician accompanying Tillie.
MAXINE HUNTER: Tillie’s agent and manager
BRIAN BLEMMINGS: The Pelican Club Owner
MAISIE DUNCAN: Tillie’s friend
RYAN CONNOR: An Irish waiter

November 1940. Denmark and Norway have been invaded and the blitz has been raging in London since 7 September 1940. Men up to the age of 27 have been called up, which means that Inspector Doyle is still on the job.  Maisie Duncan and Tillie Trotman have volunteered to do their bit for the war effort. Maisie because she was stuck in a boring office job and wanted excitement, and Tillie because she thought she’d look fetching in a uniform and be sent where lots of men would idolize her. Instead they both get sent to the munitions works. Before the play opens a lunch time talent concert has been organised in the munitions factory where Maisie and Tillie work. Tillie wins it and she’s immediately signed up by agent and impresario, Maxine Hunter. Catapulted to fame by radio appearances and concerts, Tillie is now a forces sweetheart. This is her last performance at the popular Pelican Club and Restaurant before travelling overseas to entertain the troops. Someone, though is intent on stopping her.

Please contact us to read Act I and for background on the characters. 

Or commission an original script from crime writer and author, Pauline Rowson. 

Brand new, exciting detective plays in the vein of the classic crime thrillers of the 20th century.

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Act One Drama Group Presents - Murder at the Pelican Club

30/31 October and 1 November

Murder at the Pelican Club a play by Pauline Rowson

Be transported back to November 1940 and the Pelican nightclub and restaurant in Liverpool during the Blitz. Enjoy the live music while the murder takes place and see how the well drawn characters deal with the twists and turns of the plot. The village hall becomes the nightclub and snacks will be on sale to accompany the drink you can bring with you. If you really want to get involved come in 1940s dress! Miss it if you dare!

Murder at the Pelican Club a murder mystery play by Pauline Rowson performed by Act One, Ash Green, Kent. 

Click here for more information and tickets.

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