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The Rowmark website has been designed to meet World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 by incorporating the following accessibility features in the design of this site:

  • The website validates to W3C Transitional XHTML and CSS (2) standards, With some CSS 3 experimental and headings are structured according to a strict hierarchy.   
  • Rowmark are provided to add semantic information to pages and sites.   
  • Current W3C technologies have been employed and deprecated elements and attributes are avoided.    The site functions on a wide range of browsers tested on both MAC and Windows platforms.   
  • Meaningful text equivalents have been provided for every non-text element.   
  • All information conveyed with colour is available without colour. Colour is not referred to alone.   
  • Style sheets are employed to control layout and presentation and pages function when these style sheets are disabled.   
  • The natural language of the website is identified via the lang attribute associated with the html element.    Layout tables are not used - layout is achieved via CSS coding.   
  • Pages do not periodically auto-refresh or auto-direct, and the use of pop up windows has been avoided where possible or equivalent has been provided.   
  • Frames are not used in this website.   
  • No pages incorporate content that causes screen flicker, content does not 'blink'.   
  • All pages of this site are still accessible if scripts, applets or other programmatic objects are disabled, or not supported.
  • All event handlers are input device-independent and all features can be accessed via mouse, keyboard and alternative inputting devices.  
  •  Information about the general layout of the site is provided via the site map.   
  • Navigation links are logically grouped and are used in a consistent manner.
  •  The target of each link is clearly identified, and non-link printable characters are placed between adjacent links.   
  • Provision is made for user to skip over groups of links via the skip links option.
  • Shortcut keys are provided using the accesskey option.
  • The accesskeys used throughout this site are documented below:

The page access keys are:
h - Home
a - About
t - Technical
d - Design
m - Manage
c - Contact

The content access keys are:

1 - top of page
2 - skip to content
3 - site map
4 - privacy and disclaimers
5 - accessibility

The different key combinations required for access keys depending on the browser and platforms are as follows
:Internet Explorer 5+ (PC) - Alt + Access Key then press Enter
Internet Explorer 5+ (MAC) - Ctrl + Access Key
Konqueror (Linux) - Alt + Ctrl + Access Key
Netscape 7 (PC) - Alt + Access Key
Firefox, Mozilla (Linux) - Alt + Access Key
Firefox, Mozilla (PC) - Shift + Alt + Access Key
Firefox, Mozilla (Mac) - Ctrl + Access Key
Safari and Omniweb (Mac) - Ctrl + Access Key
Opera - Shift + Escape then release both keys, then press the Access Key

If you find a problem with this website, please contact us with all relevent details and we will aim to correct them as soon as possible.

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