April sees the publication of Marvik mystery number four, DEAD SEA.  In this newsletter the background behind Art Marvik; my first LIVE talk booked since the pandemic began; how I write the first draft of a novel; missing persons, bodies and soil, and Inspector Ryga interviews the harbour master in DEATH IN THE HARBOUR.

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Happy Book Birthday to Marvik in DEAD SEA

Happy Book Birthday to Marvik in DEAD SEADEAD SEA delves into Marvik’s background and that of his parents and their fatal final exploration off the Straits of Malacca. Why the secrecy surrounding it? Who wants it hushed up enough to steal and kill?  What was on that computer disk Marvik found and was subsequently stolen? Why are its contents so deadly? Marvik has to find out.

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The background behind Marvik Mystery Thrillers and DEAD SEA no.4

Dead Sea Marvik mystery thriller by Pauline RowsonDEAD SEA, number four in the Marvik mystery thriller series, was a difficult book to write, not because there was any lack of ideas for the story line but that it is the story of Marvik discovering the truth behind his parents death, when he was seventeen, in an underwater tremour off the Straits of Malacca in 1997, and I needed to pick up on the hints of this mentioned in the first three Marvik mysteries: SILENT RUNNING, DANGEROUS CARGO and LOST VOYAGE.

Hurrah! First live talk booked since pandemic began for July 2021

I'm delighted to confirm that my first face-to-face LIVE talk to actual people all sitting together in the same room (just in case any of you have forgotten what that means) is BOOKED for July 2021! I do hope it can go ahead. I'll be talking to members of Portsmouth U3A about my crime novels and crime writing.

It will be my first talk since lock down was imposed and social gatherings banned in March 2020. England will hopefully be lifting all restrictions in June, which will once again allow people to meet up, socialise and attend meetings and events. With the vaccination programme successfully rolling out in the UK we are all hoping to get back to some of the things we enjoyed pre-pandemic days. I'm keeping fingers and everything crossed than this event will happen.

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How to write the first draft of a novel

Crime author, Pauline Rowson So, I have the idea and I have the location. I might even have the victim. I certainly don't have the killer or the plot. I put the idea, location and victim in a circle and I ask myself open questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how? I don't have all the answers, in fact I have very few. I do some research, and some more thinking, and gradually I begin to answer some of those questions.

This begins to form a loose outline of a plot. I draw up a plot line, which is very sketchy to begin with and might only be the first three or four chapters. I've created some characters, aside that is from the usual cast of characters who appear in the Inspector Andy Horton crime novels, the Art Marvik mystery thrillers and my 1950s set Inspector Ryga mysteries. Then I start the creative writing process as soon as I can and direct on to my computer.

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Missing Persons, fact and fiction with DI Andy Horton

First three DI Andy Horton novelsThose of you who have read the Inspector Andy Horton crime novels will know that Andy's mother, Jennifer, abandoned him when he was ten years old. He was told that she had run off with a lover. Traumatized by her desertion, and the callous comments from those who looked after him in care along with taunts from the kids at school, he has tried to put his hurt and anger behind him. Then in number 3 in the series THE SUFFOCATING SEA, Horton discovers that there is a lot more to Jennifer's disappearance than he's been told and that over the years many people have lied to him. Her disappearance was cursorily investigated, quickly forgotten and buried and many clearly want it to remain that way. This sets Horton off on the search for the truth.  In each novel Horton unearths clues which edge him closer to finding out what really happened after she vanished on a foggy November night.

The study of missing persons is fascinating and heart-breaking. The University of Portsmouth Centre for the Study of Missing Persons (CSMP) does a fantastic job working with  researchers and other interested parties - students, academics, charities, police and relatives to communicate, research and exchange information about missing persons.  Then there is The National Crime Agency UK Missing Persons Bureau.

In this article I look at the facts behind the 'real' missing persons

Inspector Ryga interviews the Harbour Master in DEATH IN THE HARBOUR

A tantalizing mystery set in 1950s England. Scotland Yard's Inspector Ryga is sent to the Port of Newhaven, East Sussex to discover why Police Constable Swinley was found dead in the harbour and his wife has gone missing.

Fascinating Forensic Facts – Bodies and soil – crime scenes with DI Andy Horton

A Deadly Wake a DI Andy Horton Mystery by Pauline RowsonIn A DEADLY WAKE, (15) Andy Horton discovers a buried body exposed during a landslip on the Isle of Wight.

Here are some snippets of forensic facts uncovered during my research for this and for the others in the DI Andy Horton mystery series.


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