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Lost Voyage, Art Marvik Mystery Thriller (3)

Lost Voyage an Art Marvik Mystery by Pauline Rowson

 "Plenty of action, I didn't want to put the book down. A good read for mystery thriller fans." Net Galley

Undercover investigator, Art Marvik faces a desperate battle to save others from a ruthless assassin who will stop at nothing in order to protect the secret of the Mary Jo’s last voyage from ever being exposed


Former Royal Marine Commando, now undercover investigator for the UK Police National Intelligence Marine Squad is surprised to receive an unexpected summons from Helen Shannon, a woman he helped on his first mission for the squad. When a body is discovered in her flat, Marvik is convinced that Helen is being framed for murder, but why and by whom? Before he has a chance to follow it up, the head of the Squad, Detective Chief Superintendent Crowder, asks Marvik to investigate the disappearance of a salvage vessel, the Mary Jo, which went missing in 2003.

As Marvik delves into the past, it becomes clear that he faces a desperate battle to keep Helen and others safe from a ruthless assassin – one who will stop at nothing in order to protect the secret of the Mary Jo’s last voyage from ever being exposed.

What readers say about Pauline Rowson's books

"A likeable, smart, tough, but all too human hero make this a cracking-good series - action fans need Marvik on their radar.' Booklist

"Pauline Rowson has created another character different, but as good as, Andy Horton. A thrilling read!" Amazon Customer

 "I have read all of Pauline Rowson’s books. This one is full of twists and turns, an excellent read. If you have not read one of her books I recommend that you do." Amazon Customer

"Brilliant. Fast moving story and with a touch of violence and the human story." Amazon Customer.

"Awesome what a story, the amount of research incredible. Love Art, great new hero. More please."

"Rowson launches Marvik and his pal, Strathen onto stormy seas, forcing them to navigate between ruthless killers who want to cover their tracks and equally unprincipled business owners who want to protect their assets, all the while keeping the increasingly restless Helen safe from danger."

"Rowson strikes a nice balance between thriller and puzzler in the third in the series." Kirkus Reviews

"Marvik is an interesting and credible central character. He is a loner who can take care of himself in a fight, but he is no ‘superhero’ and there is a nice sense of vulnerability about him. There are also interesting references to the mysterious death of Marvik’s parents in the past, which I suspect will feature in future books." Net Galley

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it should appeal to most readers who like British crime stories with a strong regional feel." Net Galley

"Rowson ably keeps the reader guessing as to what really happened to the Mary Jo and why." Net Galley

Where to buy

Pauline Rowson's books are available from all good booksellers in paperback, hardback, as an ebook, on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google Books and Apple Books.  Some are also available as  audio books.

They can also be loaned from libraries in the UK, Commonwealth and the USA.

Pauline Rowson's crime novels are available from all good booksellers and for loan in libraries in the UK, Commonwealth and the USA.

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