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Silent Running, Art Marvik Mystery Thriller (1)

Silent Running an Art Marvik mystery by Pauline Rowson

"A tense, terrifying thrill ride that twists and turns with dizzying speed”

"A likeable, smart, tough, but all too human hero make this a cracking-good series - action fans need Marvik on their radar."

Adrift after leaving the Royal Marines, and smarting from his first failed civilian mission, Marvik seeks refuge in a remote cottage on the Isle of Wight but all that is about to change when a former girlfriend shows up with a disturbing story about the murder of a young woman fifteen years ago and her growing belief that the man convicted of it is innocent.

When the girlfriend goes missing after leaving Marvik's house the police suspect Marvik of not only her abduction but also her possible murder. In order to prove his innocence, and find the missing girl, Marvik needs to draw on all his skills, instinct and training, and those of his friend, former Royal Marine Special Forces Communicator, Shaun Strathen,to get to the truth.

Their mission, to stop a ruthless killer before he kills again.

What readers say about Pauline Rowson's books:

 "Thoroughly enjoyed this book. The twists and turns made it quite intriguing and the characters seemed so real. Looking forward to the next book." Amazon Customer

"Pauline Rowson has created another character different, but as good as, Andy Horton. A thrilling read!" Amazon Customer

"Awesome what a story, the amount of research incredible. Love Art, great new hero. More please."

"Enjoyed Pauline Rowson's Silent Running. Hope Helen of the purple hair comes back in the next book!"

"Just finished Silent Running. Loved it! Think Andy has some competition."

Where to buy

Pauline Rowson's books are available from all good booksellers in paperback, hardback, as an ebook, on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google Books and Apple Books.  Some are also available as  audio books.

They can also be loaned from libraries in the UK, Commonwealth and the USA.

Pauline Rowson's crime novels are available from all good booksellers and for loan in libraries in the UK, Commonwealth and the USA.

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