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DI Horton Footsteps on the Shore Gets Glowing Review in Mystery Magazine

Footsteps on the Shore - A DI Andy Horton Mystery Crime NovelFootsteps on the Shore the sixth in the popular series featuring the rugged and flawed detective DI Andy Horton has received another glowing review, this time by Mystery People Magazine.

Featured in a 'Favourite Book' article written by author Jim Morley it is hailed alongside the novels of Ian Rankin and John Harvey.  Rowson's novels have also been likened to those by Peter Robinson as well as McBain and Wambaugh by American reviewer, Booklistby.

James Morley writes, 'Footsteps on the Shore, is a detective novel in the tradition of Rankin and Harvey. Like Rebus, Rowson’s DI Andy Horton, if not a loose cannon, is a detective who does not always work within the rules. Subsequently his successes tend to be credited to his superiors.

'As with all Rowson’s novels the setting is Portsmouth and nearby areas of the South Coast. The famous navy city appears as a dark place. It is cold and usually raining as Andy Horton moves around the streets on his Harley motor cycle. Luke Felton, a convicted murderer has just been released. A decomposed corpse is washed up in Portsmouth harbour and then a woman whom Horton has met just once is brutally murdered. So, what is going on? Is this the work of the murderous Felton, or is his the corpse in the water? From this point onward the reader is led on a trail of twists and turns with connections to corruption, Eastern Europe vengeance and much more.

'As with all Rowson’s novels the ending is dramatic and deeply menacing. If you are a fan of traditional detective fiction in a vivid setting that makes you believe that you are there, you will love this one.'

James Morley writes under the name Benham's Sea Mysteries.

Footsteps on the Shore is available in paperback, hardcover and as an e book. It will also be published in Large Print on 28 March 2013.


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