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Pauline Rowson's DI Andy Horton crime novels on Kobo Promotion

The Suffocating Sea - DI Andy Horton Pauline Rowson's popular DI Andy Horton novels are featured in a seven day 3 for 2 promotion on Kobo which runs from 19 to 25 January and includes the first three in the DI Andy Horton series, Tide of Death, Deadly Waters and The Suffocating Sea and readers get the chance to buy all three on Kobo for the price of two.

The DI Andy Horton novels are set in the Solent area on the South Coast of England and feature Rowson's flawed and rugged Portsmouth copper, DI Andy Horton, a loner who estranged from his wife lives on a small sailing boat in Southsea Marina. Abandoned by his mother when he was ten and raised in a succession of children's homes Andy is tough yet vulnerable with a desperate need to belong and yet always on the outside.  A fierce advocate for justice he often goes out on a limb and risks his job to see that the villains get caught.

There are twelve in the DI Andy Horton crime series with the latest Fatal Catch published by Severn House in 2015. In each novel there is a new murder mystery to solve and in The Suffocating Sea, Horton discovers that there is more to his mother's disappearance that he'd always been told. The subsequent novels in the series find Andy trying to balance his job while searching for the truth behind his mother's disappearance and struggling to get access to his nine year old daughter, Emma.

Pauline Rowson's crime novels have been hailed by reviewers as 'exemplary,' 'compelling' 'multi-layered'' and 'complex'.  With Andy Horton  being described as ' an especially good series hero, a likeable fellow with plenty of street smarts and the requisite personal baggage – an abrasive supervisor and an antagonistic soon-to-be ex-wife.'

DI Andy Horton (3) The Suffocating Sea

Suffocating Sea - Pauline Rowson'Rowson adds an appealing hero to the British Police Procedural ranks.' Kirkus Reviews

'Rowson turns out an exemplary procedural with the requisite plot twists, double-crosses and all loose ends tied up neatly in a sailor’s knot.'Kirkus

'A gripping, suspense filled murder case...entertaining read in an engaging series...' Booklist

DI Andy Horton (2) Deadly Waters

Deadly Waters - DI Andy Horton 2
Ambition, murder, adultery... Horton has only a week to find a killer...

"Rowson adds an appealing hero to the British Police Procedural ranks." Kirkus Reviews (USA)

DI Andy Horton (1) Tide of Death

Tide of Death - a DI Horton novel'A strong plot and some nice characterisation and dialogue, which makes this a notch above the average fare out there. Rowson is clearly a crime writer to watch.' Amazon

It is Horton’s second day back in Portsmouth CID after being suspended on a charge of gross misconduct for eight months. Horton has a point to prove - he's still a good cop

Booklist says, ' Procedural fans who haven’t already read Rowson should be encouraged to do so in the strongest possible terms.'

The Kobo promotion runs from 19 January to 25 January.


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