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Inspector Andy Horton, Shroud of Evil, gets glowing reviews

Shroud of Evil an Inspector Andy Horton crime novel by Pauline RowsonPauline Rowson's crime novels featuring the Portsmouth based copper, the flawed and rugged Detective Inspector Andy Horton are proving popular with readers in the UK, USA and Commonwealth.

Shroud of Evil, the eleventh in the Inspector Andy Horton police procedural crime novels of currently thirteen, has received some rave reviews. Number fourteen in the Inspector Andy Horton series, Dead Passage, is being published in October 2018 and is available for pre-order from all booksellers. It can also be reserved for loan in public libraries.

Publishers Weekly says of Shroud of Evil, "A compelling protagonist and mounting suspense make the book hard to put down."

While Booklist reviewer hails Shroud of Evil as "A swirling cyclone of action leading to a shocking conclusion that will leave readers eager for the next installment in this always-surprising series."

Shroud of Evil has been described as a "A traditional whodunit with modern twists and realistic procedural content." "Yet another brilliant installment in a thoroughly enjoyable, original crime series by a talented British author. Full of twists and turns, colourful characters and hints of disharmony and mistrust between colleagues in the police force." "Her best book so far."

The DI Andy Horton novels have been compared with those in the "upper echelon of American procedurals by Ed McBain and Joseph Wambaugh and their British counterparts, including the work of Peter Robinson and John Harvey."

Booklist say, "Andy Horton is an especially good series hero, a likeable fellow with plenty of street smarts and the requisite personal baggage – an abrasive supervisor and an antagonistic soon-to-be ex-wife. Procedural fans who haven’t already read Rowson should be encouraged to do so in the strongest possible terms."

Rowson has been hailed as "redefining the genre of police drama” by setting it against the atmospheric backdrop of the ever changing sea. Her cops are tough yet fallible; they’re forced to protect vulnerable citizens who despise the law more than the pimps and perps that have entrapped them.

In Shroud of Evil Horton is assigned the case of a missing person: Jasper Kenton, a private investigator, the formidable Eunice Swallows, Kenton’s business partner, seems unwilling to give Horton any useful information, and Horton –irritated at being assigned such a low-ranking investigation – suspects the disappearance has a mundane explanation. Either Kenton is with a woman, or he’s stolen from a client and absconded with the money.  But when Kenton’s car turns up, and a shocking discovery is made, things turn serious. Immediately, Horton finds himself embroiled in an investigation that has major personal ramifications, and one in which he has no choice but to withhold vital information. As he struggles to crack the case, he knows it is only a question of time before someone discovers he’s kept silent, and when that’s revealed, his part in hindering a major investigation will end his career . . .

Lime Pictures who are seeking to bring the enigmatic detective to the TV screens says, 'The DI Andy Horton crime series delivers a continuing narrative that includes compelling crimes, complex past history, a tough work environment, romantic entanglements and political intrigue played out against the dramatic and powerfully evocative British marine landscape of Portsmouth and the Solent. It has the pedigree and essential ingredients to shine as a prime-time, high-end TV adaptation.'

Pauline Rowson's crime novels are available in paperback, hardback, as ebooks, on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, as audio books and in large print


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