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An exciting and gripping new 1950 set mystery from Pauline Rowson

DEATH IN THE COVE an Inspector Ryga mystery by Pauline RowsonDEATH IN THE COVE introduces Inspector Alun Ryga.

Set in 1950, England, a country still suffering the physical and mental scars of six years of war in the grip of austerity and rationing.

Recently promoted to Inspector at Scotland Yard, Ryga,a former Merchant Navy seaman and German prisoner-of-war is despatched to the Island of Portland in Dorset to solve an unusual and baffling case.

Scotland Yard were frequently called in to investigate murder cases around the UK in the 1950s so rather than have the novel (and series) rooted in London Pauline Rowson can move her detective around the country to help solve crimes. She also wished to capitalize on her brand  that of the sea so the Inspector Ryga novels (like the contemporary set DI Andy Horton crime novels) are set against the backdrop of the sea.  Inspector Alun Ryga has an intimate knowledge of the sea having served as a former Merchant Seaman.

Pauline Rowson says, 'I didn't want to make Ryga an action hero but sought to differ him from DI Andy Horton and Art Marvik by creating a man who was more reflective. Neither did I want someone who had been hailed as a war hero but who had been forced to suffer the war in captivity. Ryga, therefore, is one of many who had no option but to wait and hope for endless days, months and years that the war would end and the Nazis would be defeated.

'Ryga’s background, and the years of incarceration, have made him unique in his approach to solving coastal based crimes. His experience at sea and four years spent in MILAG (Marine Internierten Lager) after his ship was seized by a German Raider has made him watchful, analytical and reflective and given him insights into his fellow man, along with a promise to himself to keep an open mind.'

The war also unexpectedly resulted in opening up a new career for Ryga. Encouraged by a fellow prisoner to study, Ryga with the help of his mentor made the transition from the Merchant Navy to the Thames River Police.

Before DEATH IN THE COVE opens Ryga has been involved in two highly successful criminal investigations at the Port of London and as a result had been catapulted into the Metropolitan Police and then into CID in Scotland Yard. Now he is being called upon to utilize his vast knowledge of the sea on his first solo investigation out of London to discover why a man dressed in a pinstriped suit has been stabbed in the neck and ended up dead on the beach of a small cove on Portland on the Dorset coast.

DEATH IN THE COVE is published in paperback, ebook, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and as an audio book on 26 September 2019 Available to pre-order

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