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Fatal Catch DI Andy Horton Mystery re-issued

Fatal Catch, DI Andy Horton Mystery 12Fatal Catch, number twelve in the Inspector Andy  Horton mystery series of currently fourteen is being re-issued as an e book on Amazon Kindle on 1 March 2020 and in paperback on 8 April 2020.

In Fatal Catch, DI Andy Horton iscalled out to examine a gruesome catch by two fishermen: a human hand. Is itthat of missing violent criminal Alfie Wright – or is he the killer?  And whereis the rest of the corpse? Soon Horton finds himselfimmersed in a complex case where everyone has a reason to lie and no one is whothey seem. Assailed by doubts both in his personal and professional life,Horton desperately tries to keep his emotional feelings under control and hisfocus on his work. His instincts tell him to trust no one and believe nothing;he’s not sure though whether this time he’ll succeed …

Fatal Catch has been hailed by Crime Book Club as,  "A great read for mystery lovers with plenty to keep you guessing until the last moment."Publishers Weekly says, "Plenty of red herrings and a surprising culprit."

Set against the atmospheric backdrop of the sea in the Solent area of Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight on the South Coast of England. Pauline Rowson has been hailed as "redefining the genre of  the police drama” and the "Best of British crime fiction" by the Book Depository.

Pauline Rowson is the author of twenty crime novels - fourteen featuring the rugged and flawed Portsmouth detective, Inspector Andy Horton; three in the mystery thriller series featuring Art Marvik, the troubled former Royal Marine Commando now an undercover investigator for the UK's National Intelligence Marine Squad (NIMS),  two standalone thrillers, the award winning, In Cold Daylight and In For the Kill and the 1950 set crime series featuring Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Alun Ryga, who makes his debut in DEATH IN THE COVE.

Her crime novels as been acclaimed as, "gripping, full of twists and turns, multi-layered, compelling."

Number fifteen in the Inspector Andy Horton mystery series, A Deadly Wake, will be published as an e book and paperback on 2 June 2020.  It is available for pre-order.

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