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What's on in March 2021

Pauline Rowson with spidergram of DI Andy Horton 16In March 2021 I will be continuing to write DI Andy Horton 16, which takes place after the startling revelations Horton has uncovered about his mother's disappearance when he was ten, and which are fully revealed in number 15 in the series, A DEADLY WAKE. The clues and twists and turns in Jennifer Horton's fate are laid out in the Horton crime novels before that, so no skimping on reading them in order!

March also sees the publication of number 4 in the Marvik mystery thriller series, DEAD SEA, and I'll be focusing on two DI Andy Horton crime novels set in March, FOOTSTEPS ON THE SHORE and DEAD PASSAGE. There will also be more writing tips, techniques and forensic articles.

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MARCH 1ST, 2021 AT 6:09:44 UTC

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