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Silent Running - Read an extract and view the location photographs

This extract is taken from the explosive new marine crime novel featuring former marine commando, special boat services officer, Art Marvik in Silent Running. Read the extract and see the photographs of where Silent Running is set on the South Coast of England.

Silent Running - An Art Marvik Marine Crime Novel by Pauline Rowson

Adrift after leaving the marines, Marvik finds himself being used as bait to catch a ruthless killer whose slaying spree spans the decades.

It's a mission that will put all his skills and training to the test- a dangerous assignment that could cost him his life

Now Available - Published by Severn House

Read an extract and see photographs of where Silent Running is set.  This extract is  set at Chichester Harbour and Chichester Marina in West Sussex.


Across Chichester to Dell Quay They walked to the marina office by the lock where Marvik asked a member of staff to call a taxi for them. Outside Helen turned towards the harbour. ‘It’s nice here,’ she said, leaning on the railings and gazing out across the lake-like water and the surrounding flat countryside in the distance. The wide channel to their right led up to the small hamlet of Dell Quay, barely a handful of houses and a pub. Further northwards the water narrowed to a creek and then a stream and beyond that the South Downs.

‘Quiet too except for those noisy seagulls.’ She squinted up at them. Then she looked despondent.‘I should have phoned in sick yesterday. I’ll need a job to go back to, even though I hate it.’
‘We’ll find a pay phone in Bognor.’
‘Never been to Bognor,’ she said, making an effort to brighten up.
‘There’s a first time for everything.’
She smiled. ‘Isn’t there a saying, "Bugger Bognor”, by some king or other?’
‘King George V who died in 1936. The legend has it that they were his last words and there are a couple of versions on why he said that. One is that he was in Bognor in 1928 recovering from a chest infection at a wealthy friend’s house and when he was leaving and was petitioned to rename it Bognor Regis, as a mark of his visit, he said "Bugger Bognor!” Another is that on his deathbed it was suggested that he’d soon be well enough to return for another spell of convalescence at Bognor, to which he replied—’
‘Bugger Bognor.’
‘And promptly died.’
‘So what did he actually say on his deathbed?’
‘No idea.’
She laughed. Marvik wished he could prolong the moment but soon they’d be sucked back into the more immediate past, and her past, and the wounds would start hurting again.
Staring back out to the harbour, she said, ‘I hope Amelia Snow is an early riser.’
Marvik just hoped she was at home.

Chichester Harbour across to Chichester Yacht ClubChichester Harbour across to Chichester Yacht Club



Chichester Marina where Marvik moored up in Silent RunningChichester Marina where Marvik moored up in Silent Running

Silent Running is published in hardcover in the UK and is available to buy on line or from all good bookstores.  It is also available for loan in UK libraries.


Pauline Rowson is the author of the DI Andy Horton MarineMystery Series of which there are currently eleven. Number 12 in the Hortonseries, Fatal Catch, will be published in September 2015. She is alsothe author of two standalone crime novels, In Cold Daylight and InFor The Kill.

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