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65 ways to kill your victim in print-essential research for a crime writer

Pauline RowsonCrime writers are a gruesome bunch, we're always looking for new and often subtle ways to kill someone. I'm frequently asked how I research my crime novels for this sort of information. In addition to talking to the experts, getting information from newspaper articles and the Internet  I  use an excellent and very handy little book called, The Crime Writer's Handbook- 65 ways to kill your victim - in print, written by Douglas Wynn. 

This book is an essential and treasured guide. My copy is much thumbed and as a result is falling apart at the seams.  Sprinkled with examples from real life and fiction it provides a wealth of information and ideas. 

There is a section on methods of murder including the availability, effectiveness and detectability of the methods which range from contrived accidents to poison, murder by firearms to strangulation, sharp instruments, suffocation and throat cutting! 

It also has a section on methods of detection including decomposition, bruises, bloodstains and ballistics, rigor mortis, Lividity and stomach contents. This, along with a ring binder containing forensic information and autopsy reports sit on my bookshelves, what more could a girl want?  I only hope the police never raid my house or I might find myself being arrested as a serial killer!

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MAY 15TH, 2015 @ 8:52:20 BST


RE: 65 ways to kill your victim in print-essential research for a crime writer

I very much agree. A terrific book. Douglas is a very good true crime writer and all his work is worth reading.


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