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Announcing the winners of the Silent Running ebook competition

Silent Running - An Art Marvik crime novel by Pauline Rowson

A big thank you to all who entered the competition to guess the name of the dog in Silent Running. We're delighted so many of you took part and congratulations to our five lucky winners, who by now should have received their FREE ebook of Silent Running.

The winners were chosen by Severn House, publishers of Silent Running and my DI Andy Horton crime novels. They are:

Mr Peter Wallace;Mrs Pauline Cooper;Mrs Diane Steele;Mrs Diann Stanton;Mrs Rita Toews.


The question was - Guess the name of the Border Collie dog in SILENT RUNNING

The clues were:

It’s a letter from an ancient Germanic alphabet, related to the Roman alphabet. It’s a mark or letter of mysterious or magical significance, a secret.

Marvik meets the dog and its owner at Littlehampton Marina, West Sussex, while following up a lead in the case to discover the killer of Esther Shannon. The dog's name has four letters.

And there were pointers on the website to help you.

The answer is - Rune

We hope those who didn't win won't be too disappointed and will embark on the adventure with former marine commando, Art Marvik in Silent Running.   And if you do please leave a review on Amazon. 

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JULY 27TH, 2015 @ 5:33:17 BST

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