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Dropped into Newhaven Library for a quick read of Marvik Mystery Thriller

Pauline Rowson at Newhaven Marina with Art Marvik marine crime novel, Silent RunningWhile on location research for the third Art Marvik mystery thriller LOST VOYAGE I dropped into Newhaven Library in East Sussex and was delighted to learn from the library staff that both the Art Marvik and DI Andy Horton crime novels are enjoyed by readers of Newhaven Library.

Since my research visit to Newhaven for Marvik mystery thriller LOST VOYAGE in 2016 I have set another mystery novel in the town but in a different era.  I was so taken by the atmosphere of the port of Newhaven that I decided to set Inspector Ryga 1950s mystery DEATH IN THE HARBOUR (2) there.

Death in the Harbour an Inspector Ryga mystery by Pauline Rowson

England 1950, a country still struggling to come to terms with peace in the grip of austerity and rationing.

Scotland  Yard's Inspector Alun Ryga is sent to Newhaven, East Sussex to unravel the  mystery of why an ordinary police constable was murdered and his wife has gone missing

"Pure detection… a great read.”

Published in paperback, as an e book, on Kobo, Amazon Kindle  and available as an audio book on Audible Buy now

Looking down into Birling Gap and Seven SistersTo get back to the present day and undercover investigator Art Marvik who works on assignments for the UK Police's National Intelligence Marine Squad (NIMS, Marvik sets off on his powerful motorboat for Eastbourne in East Sussex on the south coast of England to assist Helen Shannon who features in the first Art Marvik mystery thriller SILENT RUNNING. His investigation subsequently take him over the South Downs to the Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters chalk downs.

Newhaven Marina, East SussexHe also travels by boat to the nearby working port of Newhaven, where he moors up in Newhaven Marina.

I enjoyed my location research in East Sussex.

Lost Voyage, Art Marvik Mystery Thriller (3)

Lost Voyage an Art Marvik Mystery by Pauline Rowson Undercover investigator, Art Marvik faces a desperate battle to save others from a ruthless assassin who will stop at nothing in order to protect the secret of the Mary Jo’s last voyage from ever being exposed

"Plenty of action, I didn't want to put the book down. A good read for mystery/ thriller fans." Net Galley

"Rowson strikes a nice balance between thriller and puzzler in the third in the series." Kirkus Reviews


Dangerous Cargo an Art Marvik Mystery by Pauline RowsonUndercover investigator Art Marvik is tasked to find the truth behind a fifty year old mystery but as he unravels its dark and dangerous secrets someone is determined to stop him from ever revealing them.

'Rowson’s superhero, Art Marvik, returns in another pulse-pounding adventure. Delivering more than enough action to keep adrenaline junkies reading.' Booklist

'The sort of book where you can’t look away for a second, or you’ll be sunk, so to speak. Pauline Rowson is the queen of misdirection in this outing for former marine Art Marvik." Crime Review

Dangerous Cargo is published in paperback, as an e book and on Amazon Kindle.

Silent Running an Art Marvik mystery by Pauline RowsonIn his first undercover investigation for the UK’s National Intelligence Marine Squad, former Royal Marine Commando, Art Marvik finds himself on the hunt for the truth behind a fifteen year old murder in which an innocent man was convicted.

"Fans of Rowson’s DI Andy Horton books will be delighted with her new series. A likeable, smart, tough, but all too human hero. A tense, terrifying thrill ride that twists and turns with dizzying speed.A cracking-good new series - action fans need Marvik on their radar." Booklist

Dead Sea, Art Marvik Mystery Thriller (4)

Published 15 March 2021 - available to order, paperback, e book and Amazon Kindle

Dead Sea, an Art Marvik Mystery Thriller by Pauline RowsonMarvik is on the hunt for a stolen computer disk that holds the key to a secret a ruthless killer is determined must never be revealed.

"A likeable, smart, tough, but alltoo human hero. A tense, terrifyingthrill ride that twists and turns with dizzying speed.A cracking-good series - action fans need Marvik on their radar."Booklist

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FEBRUARY 15TH, 2021 @ 5:00:22 GMT


RE: Dropped into Newhaven Library for a quick read of Marvik Mystery Thriller

Hi there Pauline.
Lovely to see the pictures of Newhaven and the area . I was born and grew up in Newhaven. I look forward to reading the Art Marvik book that features the area


RE: Dropped into Newhaven Library for a quick read of Marvik Mystery Thriller

Hi Jan, Really enjoyed it there. Hope to visit again and will keep you posted when that Art Marvik novel is due for publication


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