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A look back at my radio and TV interviews in 2016

2016 was a busy year for radio and TV interviews

On the radio

Pauline Rowson waiting to go on air BBC Radio Solent with Julian Clegg January 2016January 2016 kicked off with one of my regular slots on the Julian Clegg Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Solent.

I am pleased to be featured as one of Julian's People, the lives of whom he follows through his radio shows. I'm also delighted that Julian is a fan of my crime novels and particularly enjoys the Art Marvik marine based mysteries set along the South Coast of England.

I was on Julian Clegg's show on 11 January 2016, 7 June,  27 September and 20 December.

For those of you who can't get BBC Radio Solent and would like to hear the interviews you can listen to them on my You Tube Channel or by clicking on the links below.

Listen to Pauline Rowson on BBC Radio Solent talking to Julian Clegg about her crime novels on 27 September 2016

Listen to Pauline Rowson talking to Julian Clegg BBC Radio Solent 7 June 2016

Listen to Pauline Rowson talking to Julian Clegg on BBC Radio Solent 11 January 2016

Pauline Rowson being interviewed for Express FM and About Your Area Portsmouth I was also delighted to be interviewed by Haley Storey of About Your Area Portsmouth and for Express FM Radio. 

It was great fun talking to her about the DI Andy Horton crime mystery series, the Art Marvik marine thrillers and crime writing in general.

Pauline Rowson with Alun Newman BBC Radio SolentthIn July I was on the Sasha Twining show BBC Radio Solent talking to Alun Newman about just how tough is it to become a crime writer?

Pauline Rowson talking to Chrissie Pollard on Awaaz RadioAnd on a very hot day in July I was on Awaaz Radio FM DAB, a Southampton Community based radio station that is also broadcast around the World including to India and Egypt.  I was talking to Chrissie Pollard about my crime novels featuring the rugged and flawed DI Andy Horton and undercover marine investigator, Art Marvik.


Pauline Rowson with Chris Rider That's Solent TViI made several guest appearances on That's Solent TV starting with my first 'on the sofa' slot with Chris Rider on 3rd and 4th February 2016

The next time was on 26 February talking to David Banks and twice in April, talking to Chris Rider and Chrissie Pollard.

Pauline Rowson on camera talking about her crime novelsI was also interviewed for a short feature talking about the possibility of the DI Andy Horton crime novels being adapted for television. 


Pauline Rowson with Chris Rider on That's Solent TV 8 April and 9 April 2016
That's Solent TV, Freeview Channel 7 in the Solent area

Watch the video and listen to my interview with Chrissie

Pauline Rowson on Camera That’s Solent TV April 201622 April and 23 April 2016
That's Solent TV Freeview Channel 7 in the Solent area.

December 2016 Julian Clegg and Pauline Rowson BBC Radio Solent Dec 2016I thoroughly enjoy both radio and TV and hope to do more in 2017.

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