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Researching Lethal Waves, DI Andy Horton number 13 in the series

condor commodore clipper Portsmouth PortiThe latest in the Inspector Andy Horton crime series, Lethal Waves (no. 13) begins with Horton on the island of Guernsey, part of the Channel Islands, eighty miles south of Portsmouth, (Horton's home patch), following up a lead on the disappearance of his mother, Jennifer, over thirty years ago. 

While there he is called out by his friend Inspector John Guilbert of the States of Guernsey Police when a woman is found dead in her cabin on the Condor Ferry sailing from Portsmouth earlier that morning. I asked Condor if they would permit me to have a fictional body on one of their ferries and to my delight they agreed. Not only that but they were also only too happy to assist me with my research.  So it was on a rather dull and damp Monday evening in October 2015 that I was welcomed on board the Commodore Clipper ferry at Portsmouth International Port for an exclusive tour.   

The Condor team gave me every assistance in my research for which I am extremely grateful.  Here are some photographs taken at the time to aid my research. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Arriving at Portsmouth International PortIn Lethal Waves, it is early morning, January, a woman arrives at the Portsmouth International Port 

Buying a ticket for the Commodore ClipperShe buys a single ticket, with cash, to Guernsey at the Condor Ferries desk.  She is travelling as a foot passenger and has hand luggage only, a handbag.

Requesting a cabin from the cabin management team on board the Commodore ClipperOn board the ferry she asks the Cabin Management team at the Information Desk for a double superior en suite cabin. Again she pays by cash.  She goes straight to her cabin and locks the door. 

Superior ensuite cabin Commodore Clipper ferry to Channel Islands from PortsmouthWhen the ferry docks in Guernsey just after four p.m. there is no sign of her.  She hasn't shown up to board the minibus to take her to the terminal, what's more her cabin is still locked. The deputy cabin manager enters it using a pass key and finds, lying between the cabin beds, the body of Evelyn Lyster. (We didn't go as far as to enact this you'll be pleased to know!)


On the Bridge of the Commodore Clipper from Portsmouth to GuernseyThe Captain is informed and the States of Guernsey Police are called in.  Inspector John Guilbert, along with Inspector Andy Horton, board the Commodore Clipper.

Want to know more?  Better read the book!

Pauline Rowson on quayside with Commodore ClipperIt was fantastic to see over one of my favourite ships which I watch regularly sailing in and out of Portsmouth - Inspector Andy Horton's patch. And I've had the opportunity to return to the Commodore Clipper ferry when I had another exclusive tour and a photo shoot on board to launch Lethal Waves.

Engrossed in a good bookI would like to express my sincere and warm thanks to Condor Ferries for allowing me to feature them in my crime novel, to the captain and crew of the Commodore Clipper ferry for all their help.

Lethal Waves is published in the UK in hardcover on 28 February 2017 and in the USA on 1 June 2017. It is available from all booksellers and for loan in libraries.

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