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A ticket to Ryde for Inspector Andy Horton in Lethal Waves

Ryde Pier Railway Line Isle of WightTrain fans and those who travel from the mainland of Portsmouth (Andy Horton's CID patch) to the Isle of Wight five miles across the Solent, and vice versa, will recognize this unusual train line, Island Line, operated by South Western Trains. It is an electrified train line, a single track with only two crossing points and is made up of former London underground train carriages from the 1960s I believe. The line runs from Ryde to Shanklin and stops at seven stations, sometimes eight when it links up with the Isle of Wight steam train that runs from Smallbrook to Havenstreet. 

In Lethal Waves, Andy Horton has crossed the Solent on the Wightlink Fast Cat ferry to  Ryde in pursuit of his investigation into the murder of a vagrant found under a houseboat on the shores of Portsmouth close to the marina where helives on his small yacht.

Ryde Pier Isle of WightThe Island train travels along the long pier from the Wightlink Fast Cat ferry terminal to the Isle of Wight town of Ryde. Pedestrians can also use the pier, it's an invigorating short walk with lovely views out to sea to both the east and west. Vehicles which travel along it to the ferry terminal are restricted to ten miles per hour.

Ryde Pier Wightlink Terminal Isle of WightThe Wightlink Fast Cat ferry from Portsmouth Harbour to the Isle of Wight has its terminal at Ryde Pier head. It is owned by Wightlink and is a rather beautiful terminal building full of atmosphere.

In Lethal Waves, Andy Horton's investigation has brought him to Ryde on the Isle of Wight following up a clue that could possible link the dead woman on the Condor Commodore Clipper ferry from Portsmouth to Guernsey with that of the vagrant found dead under the houseboat in Portsmouth but what can it be?  Now, you wouldn't want me to tell you and spoil it for you, would you?

Watch the video below to find out more about Lethal Waves, Inspector Andy Horton's investigation and the locations used in the crime novel.

Lethal Waves, an Inspector Horton MysteryLethal Waves is now published as an e book, on Amazon Kindle and Kobo, and in hardcover in the UK and the USA.

"This heart-breaking story of ambition, greed, jealousy, and revenge makes a good choice for fans of no-nonsense British procedurals." Booklist

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