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What attracted you to writing crime fiction?

Pauline RowsonThis article is taken from my interview with Soundings who have just released the audio book of Inspector Andy Horton crime novel, Death Surge number ten in the DI Andy Horton crime series.

What attracted you to writing crime fiction? Have you turned your hand to other genres for long-buried manuscripts?

I loved adventure and mystery novels when I was a child and this has continued throughout my adulthood with the enjoyment of reading crime fiction. I like a puzzle to solve, a lot of action and novels that keep me hooked to the end, eager to not only find out who did it but also why they did it, so I’m also fascinated by people’s motivations and personalities.

However, when I first started writing fiction with the aim of getting published, I wrote a number of historical sagas set in the period between the two World Wars and based in Wales, (the home of my Fathers), with female protagonists. I received, as is usual, a number of rejections and these manuscripts still lurk on my computer today.

I have no idea why I started with this genre when I am an avid crime fiction reader but the time was not wasted. I like to think of it as my apprenticeship, my chance to experiment, to learn my trade and find my voice. I discovered, as I was writing these historical sagas, that a crime element kept creeping into the story, and I was drawn more to the male characters than the female ones. I’m not sure when exactly my light bulb moment came but after writing three historical sagas I switched to having a go at a crime novel with a male protagonist, writing from the male point of view. I created the rugged and flawed Inspector Andy Horton and as they say never looked back.

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