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Pauline Rowson talks about the crime writers who have inspired her

Pauline Rowson and Death Surge Audio BookThis article is taken from my interview with Soundings who have just released the audio book of Inspector Andy Horton crime novel, Death Surge, number ten in the DI Andy Horton crime series. It is also available in paperback and as an e book on Amazon Kindle and on Kobo

What writers inspire you?

I have been inspired by so many great crime writers over the years that they are too numerous to mention. In my teens I was an avid devourer of the novels by Leslie Charteris featuring Simon Templar, The Saint, and of John Creasey featuring The Baron and Gideon. Creasey was also the author of Westerns and I went through a phase of reading them too, including those penned by Zane Grey, an author who locked together character and land so that they were indivisible something that perhaps also took root with me, locking my characters in with the sea and the sea with my characters.

Fast forward to adult life and those writers who have inspired me include the late greats of Reginald Hill, Colin Dexter and R D Wingfield. However I am also a devotee of the Golden Age of Crime, those novels penned and set between the two World Wars and up to and including the 1950s. My favourites are John Bude, Freeman Wills Crofts and Miles Burton and I am delighted that the British Library are re-printing many of these classic.

To round off I’m also a great fan of Georges Simenon’s Maigret novels. I love the atmospheric writing, the quick dialogue and the fact that you often follow the story through Maigret’s eyes, something that I like to emulate with my two fictional crime busting heroes, Inspector Andy Horton and Art Marvik. I also like to count up the number of alcoholic drinks Maigret consumes in a day because it makes me feel far less guilty at taking that glass of wine (or two) in the evening.

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