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What's on in January 2018-tackling the new crime novel set in 1950 Britain

Pauline Rowson, crime authorWriting, writing and more writing is on the cards for January 2018 as I continue to work on my new crime novel set in 1950 in Britain. Over the last two months I've been immersing myself in 1950 Britain working on the first draft of the novel which I completed at the end of November.  I'm now working on revisions. This new crime novel features a thoughtful, reflective Scotland Yard detective who is sent to Portland in Dorset to investigate the murder of a man found in Church Ope Cove. I am hoping that it will be the first in a brand new series.

I have found it fascinating and great fun both writing and researching it. I'm enjoying the atmosphere and the research and am getting to know my new detective quite well. He's shaping up nicely along with a very strong female character (not a detective) and not a pathologist as in my Inspector Andy Horton novels but a war photographer.

My research has included that into the Forensic Science Service between 1940-1960 and the police service during those years, including the BIO of a pioneering police officer, Sir Arthur Edwin Young, who had his roots in Portsmouth, my home town and where my other fictional detective DI Andy Horton is based, but in current times.

I've also been researching the lives of Merchant Seaman between 1939-1945. My God what brave men and women, they certainly had it tough!

This new crime novel opens on the Island of Portland in Dorset where my Scotland Yard detective is sent in September 1950 to investigate the murder of a man dressed in a pin-striped suit found dead on the beach in the secluded Church Ope Cove.

Church Ope Cove circa 1950sI am grateful to Tophill Library on Portland who put me in touch with the Portland Local and Family History Centre who are very kindly assisting me with me research. Here is a photograph of Church Ope Cove they sent me, taken in 1957.

Church Ope CoveAnd here it is today, taken when I visited Portland in June 2017 while researching for the Art Marvik Marine mystery Lost Voyage. I very much look forward to returning to Portland, (a place I fell in love with) in 2018 to do some further location and local history research.

And in case you are wondering if I have made a mistake and that should read Church Hope Cove, I have not. The name of the cove stems from the fact that Portland's first parish church, St Andrew's Church, was located above the beach, while "Ope" was a local dialect for "an opening in the cliffs down to the water's edge".

The writing, character development and plot have shaped up nicely.

If anyone reading this has memories or photographs of Portland, Dorset in the 1940s and 1950s I'd be pleased to hear from you.  You can comment on this blog or send me a message via the contact page on this website.

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JANUARY 1ST, 2018 @ 7:32:11 GMT


RE: What's on in January 2018-tackling the new crime novel set in 1950 Britain

The writing of the book set in the 50`s sounds fascinating....no mobile phones or internet to rely on; much less regard for contamination of the crime scene; people smoking everywhere. You`ve set yourself a challenge to change your thinking. Well done...can`t wait to read it!


RE: What's on in January 2018-tackling the new crime novel set in 1950 Britain

Yes, it`s been fascinating researching and writing it. Have thoroughly enjoyed it and already working on ideas for number 2 in the series. More about number 1 and my new detective in due course.


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