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Inspector Andy Horton undertakes a new criminal investigation

Dead Passage Inspector Andy Horton Mystery 14I'm delighted to announce that the flawed and rugged Detective Inspector Andy Horton is embarking on a new murder mystery in October 2018. Yes, the latest in the DI Andy Horton series of police procedural crime novels DEAD PASSAGE (14) is being published in paperback and as an ebook on 18 October.

Here is a taste of what is to come for the enigmatic Inspector Andy Horton.

A mysterious telephone call sends Horton on a complex and twisted investigation into the death of a local politician twelve years ago and uncovers a trail of lies, secrets and revenge with roots deep in the past.

Inspector Andy Horton receives a mysterious telephone call from Adele Goldsby, the daughter of a dead Portsmouth politician, with an urgent request to meet him on the Isle of Wight ferry because she has something to reveal about her father’s death twelve years ago. When she doesn’t show, Horton is at first inclined to think it was a hoax until more information comes to light. As he unofficially looks into the circumstances surrounding the politician’s death he becomes more convinced that the initial investigation was cursory to say the least, a fact that is borne out by Sergeant Cantelli who was on the case. With increasing concerns over the continued silence from Adele Goldsby and as new evidence is unearthed connected to a long ago killing, Horton believes the politician was murdered. Now all he has to do is convince his bosses.

Set against the back drop of the sea on the South Coast of England in the waterfront city of Portsmouth.

Available in paperback and as an ebook on Amazon Kindle and on Kobo. Also for loan in public libraries in the UK, USA and Commonwealth


"Andy Horton is an especially good series hero, a likeable fellow with plenty of street smarts and the requisite personal baggage…

"Procedural fans who haven’t already read Rowson should be encouraged to do so in the strongest possible terms." Booklist USA

"A detective novel in the tradition of Rankin and Harvey. If you are a fan of traditional detective fiction in a vivid setting that makes you believe that you are there, you will love this one.” Mystery People Magazine.

The DI Andy Horton books in order

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