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What's on in July

During July 2018 I will be busy continuing to write Inspector Andy Horton number 15, which might just see Andy discovering the truth behind his mother's disappearance when he was ten years old. I know many readers are eager to learn what really happened to Jennifer Horton (as is of course Andy!) so all might be revealed. I only said 'might'.

Dead Passage an Inspector Andy Horton crime novel July and August 2018 see me taking a break from giving talks about my crime novels, saving my voice and energy for a packed programme of talks in the autumn, which coincides with the publication of number 14 in the Inspector Andy Horton series, Dead Passage. I hope readers enjoy Andy's latest investigation, which is available for pre-order. It will be published in paperback and as an ebook.

For this blog entry then I thought I would take a look back at what was on in July 2017 and July 2016 and Art Marvik features heavily in both months on assignment for the National Intelligence Marine Squad.

Silent Running Audio Book by Pauline RowsonJuly 2016 saw the publication of the unabridged audio book edition of Silent Running, the first in the action-packed marine mystery crime series featuring Art Marvik, the troubled former Royal Marine Commando, turned undercover marine investigator for the UK's National Intelligence Marine Squad (NIMS). Published as an unabridged audio book by Soundings it is narrated read by Peter Noble.

It received a fantastic review from AudioFile Magazine.

"Noble's vivid delivery of descriptions adds atmosphere. He skillfully portrays a slimy professor, snooty upper-class people who are hiding horrific secrets of past misdeeds, and a spirited young woman who is determined to find her sister's killer. Noble's best creation is an elderly nursing home resident who holds the key to the puzzle. Audio is the ideal format for this mystery's large cast and many shifts in time and place." AudioFile Magazine

Silent Running, the first in the Marvik Mystery series is published in paperback and as an ebook.

Lost Voyage, an Art Marvik Mystery by Pauline RowsonThen in July 2017 the third in the Marvik series was published, LOST VOYAGE. I'm pleased to announce that this will be available in paperback at the end of August 2018. It is already published in hardcover and as an ebook and is available on Amazon Kindle and on Kobo.

Lost Voyage, like the others in the Marvik series (Silent Running and not forgetting the second Marvik Mystery, Dangerous Cargo) is set against the backdrop of the sea.

In Dangerous Cargo Marvik's investigations to take him along the Dorset coast while in Lost Voyage his mission takes him along the south coast of England in the opposite direction to the Severn Sisters cliffs, Beachy Head and the coastal towns of Newhaven and Eastbourne.

The Art Marvik Mysteries

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