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What's on in February 2019

Crime author Pauline RowsonFebruary in the UK is traditionally a cold month but as it is also a short one many people welcome it because soon it will be spring. For me February 2019 will be one of progressing four writing projects.


I'll be working on the final proofs of my new 1950 set crime novel DEATH IN THE COVE which is to be published in October 2019. I'm very much looking forward to publication as I hope my readers will be because this is a new departure for me, an historical crime novel rather than contemporary ones like the DI Andy Horton crime novels and the Art Marvik mystery thrillers.

Death in the Cove features a Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Alun Ryga who is called out to investigate coastal crimes. The sea is my brand as my readers know because all my crime novels are set against the backdrop of it, primarily along the south coast of England. In the first of the series Inspector Ryga meets war photographer Eva Paisley and they strike up a partnership that will run through the series.

Death in the Cove is set in a nation still gripped by austerity and rationing after the Second World War. As the country tries to come to terms with peace many are disillusioned and suffering the deprivations of homelessness, hardship, poverty and loss. Recently promoted to Inspector in the Criminal Investigations Department of Scotland Yard, Ryga is on his first solo investigation outside of London and he is keen to prove his worth. Years working at sea in the Merchant Navy and then four years spent as a German prisoner-of-war have made him watchful and thoughtful, and given him insights into his fellow man, along with a promise to himself to keep an open mind.

Church Ope Cove, DorsetSet on the Island of Portland in Dorset, the body of an unidentified man dressed in a pin-striped suit is found in the secluded Church Ope Cove and Ryga is sent to investigate. There he meets war photographer, Eva Paisley, who reported the body. The discovery of the body is far from harrowing for her. She’s seen and photographed much worse. Her observations of the dead man, seen through the lens of her camera though are summarily dismissed by the local police.

Ignoring the warnings of the local police inspector, and the Dorset Chief Constable that his trust in Eva Paisley is misjudged, Ryga quickly realises that her insights could provide the breakthrough he needs in a complex murder investigation and the answer to the haunting circumstances that have sent the man in the pin-striped suit to his death.

New Murder Mystery Play

During February I'll also be putting the finishing touches to my new murder mystery play. This is the second play I have written, the first Murder at the Pelican Club has been performed with success by two amateur dramatic groups and I hope many more to come. Murder at the Pelican Club is set in 1940s Britain. My new play Murder at Hillingbrook Halt is set in 1948. More on this to come.

Second Inspector Ryga novel

I'll also be completing the first draft of the second in the Inspector Ryga 1950 crime novels in which Ryga is sent to investigate the death of a police constable and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the constable's wife. It is set in Newhaven, East Sussex which is also one of the settings of the Art Marvik mystery thriller, Lost Voyage.

DI Andy Horton no.15

I'll also be looking at plot lines for Inspector Andy Horton number fifteen and working on this. I hope that the next DI Andy Horton crime novel will be published in spring 2020.

I think that will be enough to be going on with!

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