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Inspector Ryga and the mystery of his name

The Inspector Ryga mysteries, DEATH IN THE COVE, DEATH IN THE HARBOUR and DEATH IN THE NETS are set in 1950 England, a country still reeling from the aftermath of war with austerity and rationing biting hard. Newly promoted to detective inspector, Ryga from Scotland Yard, is sent out to solve baffling coastal crimes. His first introduces him to war photographer, Eva Paisley, who is to assist him on his other cases.

So how did I come up with the name?

Ryga (rhymes with Tiger) started off as Inspector Rees because he has a welsh background but had left Wales when he was 15 to join the merchant navy like his father. Ryga is actually Latvia’s capital on the Baltic Sea but that had no influence on my choice of the name. It wasn’t until I had got well into Eva Paisley’s character – she is the war photographer who discovers the body on the secluded bay on Portland Island in DEATH IN THE COVE (1) and who Ryga teams up with to solve the crime – that I discovered from her lips ‘Rees’ didn’t sound right. Eva is forthright and confident and rarely calls him by his first name. I tried Regan but that kept making me think of the TV programme The Sweeney with Regan in it (John Thaw) and my character was the opposite to him so I played around with it, dropped the ‘n’ got Rega then changed the ‘e’ to ‘y’ and got Ryga. It sounded good coming from Eva - sharp, edgy. I liked it and it stuck.

Read more about Inspector Ryga and his investigations below. You can also read more about Ryga and Eva and the period 1950s and the settings of the novels on this blog.

Death in the Cove an Inspector Alun Ryga MysteryDEATH IN THE COVE is Inspector Ryga's first solo investigation outside of London, where he is despatched to solve the mystery of why a man in a pin-striped suit is found murdered in an isolated cove on the Royal Island of Portland in Dorset. Here he meets war photographer, Eva Paisley, for the first time. Ryga quickly realises that her observations could provide the breakthrough he needs in a complex murder investigation and the answer to the haunting circumstances that have sent the man in the pinstriped suit to his death.

Death in the Harbour by Pauline RowsonThe second Inspector Ryga mystery, DEATH IN THE HARBOUR is set in the port of Newhaven, East Sussex where Ryga has to solve a puzzling and disturbing case of why an ordinary police constable was murdered and his sensible law-abiding wife has gone missing.

Death in the Nets by Pauline RowsonNumber three in the Inspector Ryga series DEATH IN THE NETS is set in the small fishing town of Bridport, Devon. It's a cold wet January night in 1951, the body of a man stabbed through the heart, is found tangled up in fishing nets in Brixham Harbour, Devon. After a series of startling revelations, Ryga is tasked to discover why the dead man who left the town eleven years ago has returned and why someone hated him enough to murder him.

The Inspector Ryga mysteries are published in paperback, ebook, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google Books and Apple Books.

DEATH IN THE COVE and DEATH IN THE HARBOUR are also available as audio books on Audible, and from B7 Media, narrated by Jonathan Rhodes.

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