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The mystery of the man in a pinstriped suit

Death in the Cove by Pauline Rowson

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"For lovers of  mysteries without the gory details. The ending was a twist I didn't see coming." Amazon

It's September 1950. Inspector Alun Ryga of Scotland Yard is sent down to the Royal Island of Portland in Dorset to investigate the death of a man wearing a pin striped suit found on the shore in the isolated Church Ope Cove, Portland.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 'The clues are there, but I followed the red herring and didn’t guess the murderer. Will you? Don’t miss this first book in what is sure to be a first-class series. Whilst the murderer is unmasked there are left some tempting hooks for the next book. Highly recommended.' Mystery People Magazine.

Read an extract from Death in the Cove

Church Ope Cove, Portland in DEATH IN THE COVE mysteryd in‘Why is it called Church Ope Cove and not hope cove?’ Ryga asked, breaking the silence. ‘Was the H left off by mistake centuries ago?’
‘Ope is local dialect for an opening in the cliff that leads down to the water’s edge. The cove was famous for smugglers in the last century.’ Sergeant Daniels answered.
‘Maybe still is,’ Daniels corrected, flashing him a glance and narrowly avoiding hitting a cyclist. ‘Perhaps that’s why the body has ended up there. He doesn’t look much like a smuggler though, not if you expect them to be dressed in woollen pullovers and patched grubby trousers, as in old books and photos.’ He smiled. ‘So maybe they’ve become more fashion-conscious. And thieves and crooks come in all guises, as you’d know all too well, sir.’
Ryga did. While working for the Thames River Police he’d been called upon to assist the Port of London in helping to uncover two highly notable and profitable drug smuggling rings. It had been because of his background in the merchant navy, his knowledge of ships, their loading and unloading operations and their crew mentality that he’d been asked to assist. The success of the operations had catapulted him from the river police into the Metropolitan Police and into the Criminal Investigations Department of Scotland Yard with such breath-taking speed that he had hardly realized what was happening. Now he was being called upon to once again utilize his knowledge of the sea to try and discover why a man dressed in a pinstriped suit had been stabbed in the neck and ended up dead on the beach of a small cove on Portland on the Dorset coast.

Death in the Cove, an Inspector Alun Ryga 1950 crime novel

'Death in the Cove is a great read and one I recommend to any crime fans.' BH Living Magazine

"Ryga studied the face of the dead man with interest. Death no longer had the power to shock him. He’d seen too much of it. That didn’t mean he didn’t feel sorrow, pity, anger or despair, or sometimes all four emotions and in such a swift succession that they became one. This time he felt none of these, only professional curiosity.”

Death in the Harbour by Pauline RowsonThe second Inspector Ryga mystery, DEATH IN THE HARBOUR is set in the port of Newhaven, East Sussex where Ryga has to solve a puzzling and disturbing case of why an ordinary police constable was murdered and his sensible law-abiding wife has gone missing.

Death in the Nets by Pauline RowsonNumber three in the Inspector Ryga series DEATH IN THE NETS is set in the small fishing town of Bridport, Devon. It's a cold wet January night in 1951, the body of a man stabbed through the heart, is found tangled up in fishing nets in Brixham Harbour, Devon. After a series of startling revelations, Ryga is tasked to discover why the dead man who left the town eleven years ago has returned and why someone hated him enough to murder him.

The Inspector Ryga mysteries are published in paperback, ebook, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Google Books and Apple Books.

DEATH IN THE COVE and DEATH IN THE HARBOUR are also available as audio books on Audible, and from B7 Media, narrated by Jonathan Rhodes.

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Available in paperback, as an ebook, on Amazon Kindle and Kobo and also as an audio book, narrated by Jonathan Rhodes and published by B7 Media. Download the audio book

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