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On location with DI Andy Horton in A KILLING COAST

A Killing Coast, Inspector Andy Horton, by Pauline Rowson DI Andy Horton mystery crime novel number seven, A KILLING COAST, is available in paperback,  as an e book on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple and Google books.

'Multi-layered, twisted, and complex...a surprising conclusion and a satisfying read.' Booklist

When a body is found floating in the sea off Portsmouth harbour, Detective Inspector Horton initially judges it to be an accidental death. Soon though, to his dismay, he discovers he’s got it very wrong. Accused of being incompetent by his boss, and with the head of the Major Crime Team coming down heavily on him, Horton wonders if he’s allowed his ongoing investigation into the disappearance of his mother over thirty years ago to cloud his judgement. With no clear motive for the murder, Horton is sucked into a baffling investigation that he is determined to resolve despite the odds. Not only does he need to find a brutal killer, but Horton now has to prove to himself, and others, that he is still up to the job.

The Inspiration behind A KILLING COAST

Woody Bay Isle of Wight in A Killing CoastFor A KILLING COAST, I was inspired by the beautiful and rugged coastline on the east of the Isle of Wight, in particular the stretch from Ventnor to St Catherine’s lighthouse which takes in the rocky Woody Bay, a good place to put a body!

Horton's investigations take him to Ventnor on the Isle of Wight...

Ventnor Haven Isle of Wight featured in DI Andy Horton A Killing CoastExtract from A KILLING COAST

An hour later Horton was pulling up outside a tall Victorian white washed house perched high above the small seaside town of Ventnor, nestling under the downs. On the staggered terraces beneath it, leading down into the small bay, Horton could see the lights of the houses in the gathering dusk and beyond them the great black expanse of the English Channel, with a faint light out to sea of a container ship. He climbed the steps to the front door wondering if Mr Hazeleton had his eyes peeled to his giant telescope.

And to the secluded bays on the Isle of Wight...

Secluded Bay on the Isle of Wight featured in DI Andy Horton - A Killing CoastExtract from A KILLING COAST

The sound of the engine trying to start again ripped through the air, slicing into Horton’s thoughts. He had only minutes to reach the RIB before the murderer disappeared into the fog. Sprinting towards where he hoped the cliff was, his mind teemed with thoughts. There was only one person it could be trying to start the boat’s engine. With relief he hit the cliff top and scrambled down to the shore. The killer froze.

'Meticulous police work leads Horton to a particularly callous and ruthless killer as well as theft and blackmail…includes a few unexpected twists.” Publishers Weekly

'If you like police procedurals with a twist, plenty of red herrings, and a strong sense of location, you'll like these.' Mysteries in Paradise

Available from all good booksellers in paperback, as an ebook, Large Print and as unabridged audio book and for loan in libraries in the UK, Commonwealth and the USA

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