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Happy Birthday to me with my twenty first published crime novel

Pauline Rowson author of DI Andy Horton novelsI'm celebrating the publication of my twenty-first crime novel with DI Andy Horton, A DEADLY WAKE. Perhaps I should have a glass of wine in my hand, or champagne even!

The twenty-one gun salute of my mystery thrillers is made up as follows:

DI Andy Horton (15)
Art Marvik (3)
Standalone thrillers (2)
The first in my 1950 mystery series introducing Inspector Ryga in DEATH IN THE COVE. ( Number 2 DEATH IN THE HARBOUR is published on 2 November 2020 and available to pre-order)

It's only fitting that I should celebrate this milestone with my rugged and flawed Portsmouth detective as he uncovers the truth behind his mother's disappearance in A DEADLY WAKE, although I'm not sure he will be celebrating. I will say no more as I certainly don't wish to spoil the pleasure and excitement for readers as they delve once again into my troubled detective's life while he solves another mystery on the south coast of England.

Inspector Andy Horton returns to his desk in Portsmouth CID after a tedious computer course in London to find there has been a series of highway robberies in his absence and an arson attack at the sailing club where the Chief Constable keeps his boat. What’s more the Chief’s boat is one of three that have been set alight and he’s demanding action. But when the fingerprint bureau phone Horton to tell him the prints of an unknown man found dead in a log cabin in a secluded bay on the Isle of Wight match those of someone he met six months previously, Horton’s priorities are clear. He travels to the island to identify the body but what greets him is totally unexpected. As he follows the trail of the dead man, he uncovers some startling revelations into his own mother’s past and the truth behind her disappearance over thirty years ago.

A DEADLY WAKE is available in paperback, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple and Google books.

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JUNE 19TH, 2020 @ 7:29:50 UTC

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