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What's on in August 2020

August 2020 and it's face masks promotion, research and writing. It's also re-publication of DI Andy Horton LETHAL WAVES in paperback, as an ebook, on Kindle and Kobo.

DI Andy Horton facemask FATAL CATCH In August as I continue my research into DI Andy Horton number 16 - yes I am writing another one, I just can't leave Andy alone - I'll be sporting the latest accessory, the must have face mask.

Face masks are awful to wear because we're just not used to them in the UK so I thought as they are now mandatory on public transport, in shops and other public places such as museums and art galleries in England I might as well make the most of it and do a bit of shameless self promotion. 

DI Andy Horton facemask Shroud of EvilHere are two I have made showing SHROUD OF EVIL and FATAL CATCH and I am going to make my long suffering husband wear one of them when he is travelling with me and when he does the food shopping each week.  They have already caused a stir since we started wearing them in July and now I have to carry around some bookmarks to give to people who ask me what they're all about.  You never know I might gain more readers!

Death in the Harbour an Inspector Ryga Mystery by Pauline RowsonI'm also continuing with the revisions on Inspector Ryga 1950 set mystery number 3. The second Ryga mystery DEATH IN THE HARBOUR is published in paperback, as an e book, on Kobo and Amazon Kindle on 2 November. Available for pre-order

DEATH IN THE HARBOUR is set in Newhaven, East Sussex.  Scotland Yard's Inspector Alun Ryga is sent to Newhaven, East Sussex to unravel the  mystery of why an ordinary police constable was murdered and his wife has gone  missing.

Lethal Waves a DI Andy Horton crime novelIn August I'll be getting out and about stretching my legs and my ideas as I walk DI Andy Horton's patch. With all talks and events cancelled because of the Covid-19 crisis  I'll be featuring some past talks and video recordings here on my website throughout the month and they'll also be some blogs about the story and research behind LETHAL WAVES.

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AUGUST 1ST, 2020 @ 6:50:56 BST

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