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What's on in November 2020

Death in the Harbour by Pauline RowsonWhat a difference a year makes! Last November I was finishing revisions on the second in the Inspector Ryga 1950 set mystery series, DEATH IN THE HARBOUR and there was no hint that a tumultuous year lay ahead of us in 2020.  But in among all the doom and gloom of November 2020, as we begin another lock down in England because of Covid-19, there is some good news, I'm now delighted  to announce that DEATH IN THE HARBOUR is now published in paperback, as an ebook, on Amazon Kindle and as an audio book (available on Audible at the end of the month - but can be downloaded now from the producer's, B7 Media, website.) 

The first Ryga mystery, DEATH IN THE COVE, was published in September 2019 and the third, which I have just finished revising, will be published in 2021, possibly June or September.

I very much enjoy researching and writing this series and developing the thoughtful, reflective Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Ryga and his accomplice, the feisty war photographer, Eva Paisley.

In DEATH IN THE HARBOUR, Ryga once again teams up with Eva Paisley to solve a baffling mystery of why an ordinary police constable has been murdered and his wife has gone missing.  It is set in the then bustling port of Newhaven in East Sussex in 1950 with its cargo ships, steamers, fishing boats and dock railway. Today it is still fairly busy but with leisure craft, some fishing boats and the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe but much like everywhere the town has changed since 1950. DEATH IN THE HARBOUR is set in a foggy cold December. I hope my readers will enjoy it.

Pauline Rowson talking about her crime novelsIn November last year I was delighted to be asked to give two talks,one at Woodlands Women's Institute and the other to members of Bournemouth Central  Probus Club. This year, 2020, all social events and public talks have been banned because of the rules and regulations around Covid-19 so in November 2020 on my website I'll be looking back at some of the lovely people I have met over the years through my talks on crime writing and my crime novels.

Also in November I'll be working on a new DI Andy Horton novel, number 16 in the series, and they'll be a few more videos on the other novels in the Horton series, here on my website and on my You Tube Channel.

That's about it for November 2020, so far.

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NOVEMBER 1ST, 2020 @ 6:12:26 GMT

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