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Who is the woman in the fur coat (and hats) in DEATH IN THE HARBOUR?

Death in the Harbour Inspector Ryga mystery 2 by Pauline RowsonRead 1950s set DEATH IN THE HARBOUR Inspector Ryga Mystery (2) to find out. No, I’m not going to say more because I don’t wish to spoil the story for you but here’s a little extract below.

DEATH IN THE HARBOUR, the second in the Inspector Ryga 1950s set mystery series, is set in the port of Newhaven on the East Sussex coast. Newhaven lies at the mouth of the River Ouse between Brighton to the west (nine miles) and the stunning Severn Sister Cliffs to the East (ten miles).

It’s a cold foggy December day in 1950 and Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Ryga is sent to the coastal town of Newhaven to unravel the mystery of why an ordinary police constable was murdered and his wife has gone missing.

Read the extract from Ryga Mystery (2) DEATH IN THE HARBOUR

Woman in Swagger Fur CoatRyga was growing more intrigued. He didn’t have time now to think through the implications of this. He needed information. ‘Describe her,’ he said - (edited so as not to spoil the story for you)!
‘Smart, well dressed,’ Collier answered, looking Eva up and down, and by his expression disapproving of her trousers and old donkey jacket. ‘Fur coat, hat, gloves, high heels, not a tart, didn’t speak, look or act like one. Foreign, if you ask me.’
‘She spoke with an accent?’ Ryga asked, noting down what Collier was saying.
‘No, posh, but she looked like a foreigner. By that I mean she had a dark complexion, not suntanned, a bit swarthy. French maybe, or Spanish, or could have been Italian, but then again she could have come from Brighton for all I know. One thing I do know, though, is that she had unusual eyes – bright blue with dark circles around the blue. It made them stand out. And she smelt nice.’
‘How nice?’ Eva asked.
Collier’s cigarette stayed perched in the corner of his mouth unlit. ‘Like . . . I don’t know, soft.’
‘Describe her coat.’
‘I said it was fur.’ He looked at Eva as though she was deaf or stupid.
‘Brown? Black? Grey? Long? Short?’ she pushed. ‘You don’t see many fur coats in here, Mr Collier. You must have noticed it, an astute man like yourself.’
He looked momentarily stunned at the compliment, which Eva had probably intended cynically, but after a moment he melted. ‘Brown, glossy, short. It swung round after she walked out.’
‘A swagger coat then,’ Eva directed at Ryga. ‘Over trousers? A skirt?’ she addressed Collier.
‘Skirt, black, matching her stockings, nice pair of legs and a tight skirt too because I thought how can she walk in it and those heels? Like I said, a nice party.’

Why the hats? Again no spoilers but here’s a taster

Woman in the hat with the feather‘And the last time you saw her?’ Eva prompted.
‘A funny kind of thing – looked like straw but wasn’t, and it had a knot and a feather sticking out of the top. No veil.’

DEATH IN THE HARBOUR is available in paperback, as an ebook, on Amazon Kindle and as an audio book

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