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On location in Portsmouth, Milton Common with DI Andy Horton in LETHAL WAVES

Lethal Waves, A DI Andy Horton mystery by Pauline RowsonLETHAL WAVES (13) is a multi-layered and complex investigation in the DI Andy Horton crime novels series of which there are fifteen.  It is set against the backdrop of the sea, my trademark or brand if you like to call it. While Horton gets a step closer to discovering the truth behind his mother's disappearance when he was a child he is also embroiled in an emotional case which demands all his intuition and skills to solve, uncovering dark secrets that have led to lethal waves of destruction.

"This heart-breaking story of ambition, greed, jealousy, and revenge makes a good choice for fans of no-nonsense British procedurals." Booklist

Milton Common, Portsmouth overlooking Langstone Harbour, featured in DI Andy Horton crime novel LETHAL WAVES by Pauline RowsonHere are  a couple of pictures of one of the locations used in LETHAL WAVES. I can't say too much about it because I don't wish to give away the plot to those who haven't yet read this DI Andy Horton crime novel but DI Andy Horton and Sergeant Cantelli's investigations take them to the eastern shores of Portsmouth which abuts Langstone Harbour. This area is known as Milton Common and there is a lovely coastal walk along the shore. 

Milton Common is 45 hectares of grassland and lakes reclaimed over twenty years from the Langstone Harbour mud. The eastern footpath through the common running alongside Langstone Harbour forms part of The Solent Way. The common is the only large area of natural grass on the crowded Portsea Island ( Portsmouth).

Swan Lake, Milton Common DI Andy Horton crime novel LETHAL WAVES by Pauline RowsonThere are three lakes, Frog Lake, Duck Lake and Swan Lake and it is the latter that is mentioned in LETHAL WAVES.  The lakes support many aquatic species including frogs, toads and newts. In summer, dragonflies can be seen hawking over the lakes accompanied by Swallows, Swifts and House Martins, all attracted by the small flies and midges emerging from the water.

Langstone Harbour, Portsmouth side DI Andy Horton crime novel LETHAL WAVES by Pauline RowsonAround the lakes the reed beds provide shelter for many birds. In winter, Long Tailed and Bearded Tits and many other migrant birds on passage south. The harbour is also a haven for visiting winter Brent Geese as well as many other species.  LETHAL WAVES is set in January so Horton and Cantelli would have seen many Brent Geese unless they were too deeply engrossed in a murder investigation!

"Nothing in this police procedural is as it first appears. The Harley Davidson-riding, boat-dwelling Horton is a fascinating man to get to know, and his thoughtful approach to detection is a pleasure to read." Publishers Weekly

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