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The background behind Marvik Mystery Thrillers and DEAD SEA #4

Dead Sea Marvik mystery thriller by Pauline RowsonDEAD SEA, number four in the Marvik mystery thriller series, was a difficult book to write, not because there was any lack of ideas for the story line but that it is the story of Marvik discovering the truth behind his parents death, when he was seventeen, in an underwater tremour off the Straits of Malacca in 1997, and I needed to pick up on the hints of this mentioned in the first three Marvik mysteries: SILENT RUNNING, DANGEROUS CARGO and LOST VOYAGE.

Each Marvik mystery is a new story with undercover agent Art Marvik working for the UK Police National Intelligence Marine Squad, helping to solve marine related crimes that go back to the past. Marvik’s boss, Detective Chief Superintendent Crowder, supplies Marvik with the barest details needed on each investigation because Marvik’s task in each thriller is to go into the case cold, ask questions, stir up feelings and danger and risk his life in order to expose crimes and killers. It is what Marvik is good at, facing threats, he’s done it time and time again while on missions for the Royal Marines when he was a Special Boat Services officer.

Silent Running Marvik mystery thriller by Pauline RowsonIn SILENT RUNNING Marvik has recently been invalided out of the Royal Marines, adrift, wondering what lies ahead for him seeking refuge in a remote cottage on the Isle of Wight. When a former girlfriend shows up with a disturbing story about the murder of a young woman fifteen years ago and her growing belief that the man convicted of it is innocent, Marvik doesn't think much of it until she goes missing. Suspected by the police of not only her abduction and possible murder, but also the disappearance of a computer research scientist, it's clear Marvik is being framed - but by whom and why. Marvik is sucked into a dangerous assignment and a web of deceit that will need all his skills, and those of his friend, former Royal Marine Special Forces Communicator, Shaun Strathen, to get to the truth. Their mission, to stop a ruthless killer before he kills again.

Dangerous Cargo Marvik mystery thriller by Pauline RowsonAfter SILENT RUNNING Marvik finds himself engaged, along with Strathen, to work for Crowder in the National Intelligence Marine Squad. Their second mission in DANGEROUS CARGO takes Marvik to the coastal town of Swanage in Dorset to uncover the truth behind a fifty year old murder. When an innocent woman is killed during the course of the investigation, Marvik realizes that the stakes are much higher than he’d previously thought. As he begins to uncover a trail of deceit, corruption and murder that spans over half a century, Marvik must confront a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to make sure that his dangerous cargo of sins of the past stay in the past.

It is this murder in DANGEROUS CARGO, that of marine archaeologist, Sarah Redburn, which is a key element in DEAD SEA. But before that, Marvik embarks on a third investigation in LOST VOYAGE when Detective Chief Superintendent Crowder, asks Marvik to investigate the disappearance of a salvage vessel, the Mary Jo, which went missing in 2003.

To return to DANGEROUS CARGO though, not only is Sarah Redburn killed but Marvik also discovers a three-and-a-half inch floppy disk in her belongings with his father’s handwriting on it. He postpones the questions surrounding its contents and why Sarah should have it and places it in his safe deposit box in his London bank putting off asking computer expert Strathen to open it and reveal its contents. When a month later Marvik goes to retrieve it he finds it missing. When others connected with his parents’ past also go missing and murder is committed, Marvik’s quest in DEAD SEA becomes deadly dangerous in his bid to discover the truth behind his parents’ deaths.

Read an extract – Page One
Chapter One
Wednesday 4 May

Marvik stared at the contents of his safe deposit box, puzzled. The small dark-blue notebook with a three-and-a-half-inch floppy disk attached to the inside back cover which he had placed there on 31 March had gone. But that was impossible because only he had access. Correction, he and his solicitor, Michael Colmead.
Marvik pressed the buzzer to summon one of the bank security guards who appeared almost instantly. ‘I need a large carrier bag,’ Marvik said abruptly. The guard looked at him as though he’d asked for a first class flight to Barbados. ‘Anything will do,’ Marvik added. While the security officer went to find one, Marvik began to stuff the contents of the four boxes into his rucksack. It wasn’t big enough to take all the folders and paperwork hence the request for the carrier bag.
‘This is all I could find, sir,’ the security officer said on his return a few minutes later.
Marvik took the supermarket plastic bag and placed the remaining files into it.
‘Is there something wrong?’ the officer asked anxiously.
Very wrong, thought Marvik, but he wasn’t going to say what exactly. ‘I’d like to see the signing in log for my boxes for the last two months.’
The officer’s concerned expression deepened, but without question he led the way to a counter opposite the lifts and, after locating the appropriate file on screen, swivelled it round to show Marvik. There were three entries. His own on 31 March when he had placed the notebook in the box, another half an hour ago when he had arrived, and one yesterday, on Tuesday 3 May, and it was that one that interested him greatly, and concerned him.
His bewilderment increased. He had expected to see Colmead’s name and signature instead he was staring at that of a man called James Dewell. Marvik had never heard of him, all he could assume was that he worked for Colmead.
He requested to see Dewell’s letter of authorization, which was duly produced on screen and proved to be on Colmead’s legal firm’s headed notepaper. Marvik asked to see the original. Again this was produced and, as far as Marvik could tell, both the headed paper and Colmead’s signature were genuine. The officer confirmed the latter had been scan-checked against the specimen provided and had been approved. Dewell had come with the unique authorization access code, which only Colmead had been given, and which Marvik had assumed was kept securely in his office safe in Southampton. The only thing Colmead wouldn’t have had was Marvik’s palm print, but the instructions Marvik had given to the bank was that the palm print was to be waived if Colmead came in his place with all the necessary requirements. Marvik hadn’t left any instructions for Colmead to send a deputy. So what the devil was going on?

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