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Read an extract from Marvik mystery thriller DEAD SEA no.4 in the series

Art Marvik mystery thrillers by Pauline RowsonEach Marvik mystery thriller – SILENT RUNNING, DANGEROUS CARGO, LOST VOYAGE is a new story with a new mystery to solve. Undercover agent, Art Marvik, working for the UK Police National Intelligence Marine Squad, helps to solve marine related crimes that go back to the past. Marvik’s boss, Detective Chief Superintendent Crowder, supplies Marvik with the barest details needed on each investigation because Marvik’s task in each thriller is to go into the case cold, ask questions, stir up feelings and danger and risk his life in order to expose crimes and killers. It is what Marvik is good at, facing threats, he’s done it time and time again while on missions for the Royal Marines when he was a Special Boat Services officer.

Dead Sea a Marvik mystery thriller by Pauline RowsoniIn DEAD SEA, no. 4 in the series, things get personal for Marvik and he finds himself on a quest for the truth behind his parents deaths in 1997. Professor Dan Coulter a renowned oceanographer and Dr Eerika Marvik an equally renowned marine archaeologist were killed in an underwater tremour while diving off the Straits of Malacca. Marvik is forced to face the past and expose the secrecy and scandal behind their deaths.

When Marvik visits his safe deposit box in his London bank and discovers that a three-and-a-half inch floppy disk he had placed there a few weeks previously has been stolen he is surprised and deeply troubled. What’s more it has been taken only the day before his arrival by a man Marvik has never heard of. Puzzled and disturbed, Marvik is left cursing his reluctance to ask his former Royal Marine colleague, intelligence and cyber expert, Shaun Strathen, to open the disk and reveal its contents when he first discovered it in the possession of murdered marine archaeologist, Sarah Redburn. Now its theft indicates that Sarah was killed because of its highly toxic contents. Convinced it holds the key to the truth behind the deaths of his parents, Marvik, with Strathen’s aid, sets out to track down the thief. As they follow a trail of abduction and murder it soon becomes clear that the computer disk holds the key to a secret that a ruthless killer is determined must never be revealed.

Read an extract from DEAD SEA- Page three

Marvik made for the train. When seated he let his mind return to the notebook and disk. He’d discovered them in the belongings of a marine archaeologist called Sarah Redburn, whom he had met during an investigation for the UK police’s National Intelligence Marine Squad in March, the unit that both he and Strathen worked for undercover. Marvik recalled his one and only meeting with Sarah in a steamy café on the seafront in Swanage. She had professed to be a great admirer of his late mother, Dr Eerika Marvik, a renowned marine archaeologist. Shortly after that Sarah’s body had been found at the foot of the cliffs just outside the Dorset coastal town. She’d been strangled. Her killer had, so far, eluded the police. Marvik’s boss, Detective Chief Superintendent Crowder, had told him that he believed Sarah’s murder was connected with the death of Marvik’s parents, Professor Dan Coulter, a leading expert on ocean turbulence and the world’s ocean seabed, and Dr Eerika Marvik. Both had been killed in an underwater explosion in the Straits of Malacca in 1997. Crowder wouldn’t or couldn’t tell him more. Perhaps because he had no more to tell, or perhaps he didn’t know, but something had triggered that idea. Marvik didn’t think that Crowder had seen the notebook or disk, or was aware of them, though he could be wrong.
Whatever was on that computer disk was obviously of sufficient interest to one party for it to have been stolen by them. But what could it be? And how had the notebook and disk come to be in Sarah’s possessions? Who knew of their existence? More importantly, who knew he had found them and placed them in his bank deposit box three weeks ago? Not Crowder because Marvik hadn’t told him. And not Colmead either. Strathen was the only person and Marvik trusted him implicitly. Strathen also had the ancient hard drive able to open the disk, and the skill to retrieve and analyse its contents. Contents, which Marvik now thought, must be explosive, certainly to someone.
The train seemed to take an age to reach the south coast town of Southampton, and it was close to five when Marvik finally alighted and hurried towards the solicitors’ offices. He was relieved to find it still open but disappointed and then suspicious to be greeted with the news that Michael Colmead was on holiday.
‘When did he go?’ he asked the receptionist.
‘Yesterday,’ she answered readily enough, but Marvik sensed and noted her unease. His suspicions deepened.
‘When will he return?’
‘I … er… I’m not sure.’

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