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Read the prologue of DI Andy Horton A Deadly Wake

A Deadly Wake a DI Andy Horton MysteryThe truth behind DI Andy Horton's mother's disappearance when he was ten years old is revealed in A DEADLY WAKE number 15 in the series published in paperback as an ebook on Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple Books and Google Books.

The thread of DI Andy Horton's quest for the truth about Jennifer is weaved into each of the Horton crime novels while at the same time Horton has a new crime to investigate. Each novel therefore stands alone and the books don't have to be read in sequence although some readers prefer to do so.

DI Andy Horton’s investigations into the disappearance of his mother, Jennifer, over thirty years ago, has been touched upon in many of the Horton novels, in which he has unearthed some startling revelations. In this, the fifteenth in the Horton series, there are more surprises to come.

In order to help the reader quickly catch up on the mystery of Jennifer’s disappearance, and to accompany Horton on his final journey in his quest to get to the truth, I have included a prologue. I have also included a cast of characters who are connected, in some way, with the Jennifer Horton mystery.

Published in paperback, as an ebook, and on Amazon Kindle

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APRIL 21ST, 2021 @ 6:27:21 BST

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