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Entertaining the gentlemen of Ferndown Probus, Dorset

Pauline Rowson guest speaker, talking about her crime novels to Ferndown ProbusBack in the dim and distant past of 2015 long before the Coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020 and all social gatherings like these were banned, I was delighted to talk to the gentlemen of Ferndown Probus about my crime busting fictional heroes, the rugged and flawed detective, DI Andy Horton, and the tough but fallible, Art Marvik, former Royal Marine Commando, now working as an undercover investigator for the UK's Police National Intelligence Marine Squad,(NIMS).

I know many people are missing these events and I am missing entertaining the lovely audiences. But the good news is that my first talk has been booked for 27 July 2021 when hopefully we are all out of these awful lock downs and can freely mix again.  On 27 July 2021 I will be entertaining members of Portsmouth U3A.

I was delighted to be invited to give a talk about how I write my crime novels.  They were a fab bunch and asked some interesting questions such as  'What's my preferred method of killing someone if I was a murderer ?'  and they even asked my husband 'What's the worse thing about being married to a crime writer?' which he very diplomatically answered, 'nothing'.  Maybe he had his fingers crossed!

So here are my answers:

Pauline Rowson talking about her crime novels to members of Ferndown Probus May 2015What's my preferred method of killing someone if I was a murderer?

Well, thankfully I'm not but I use a number of different methods in my crime novels. If I had to choose though I'd probably go along with one of Agatha Christie's favourites - poisons.  There are so many to choose from. A gentleman of the audience pointed out that my husband had better take care when eating my meals to which my answer was, I don't cook, my husband does. Maybe I should take care!

Pauline Rowson book signing Ferndown Probus May 2015'What's the worse thing about being married to a crime writer?'

After my husband's diplomatic answer I volunteered that probably the worse thing about being married to a crime writer, or any writer I suspect, is moodiness, elated when it's all going right, downhearted when it's not.  I've learned though how to cope with getting stuck or bogged down with plot or characters, I simply pick up my knitting, brilliant for the brain, not to mention the fact that I also get a nice cardy at the end of it. It's either that or we go for a long invigorating walk along the coast to help clear the little grey cells and stimulate the imagination and, of course, there's always the chance that I'll find another place to put a body!

Many thanks to Ferndown Probus I hope to return to entertain you all again soon.

The enigmatic sailing detective  DI Andy Horton features in fifteen crime novels with TIDE OF DEATH the first in the series and A DEADLY WAKE number fifteen.  I am currently writing number sixteen ( 2021). There are now four in the Marvik, mystery thriller series, with SILENT RUNNING the first and DEAD SEA, number four in the series.

And since this talk took place I have created another crime series, this time set in the 1950s and featuring Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Ryga, who is sent out to solve  baffling coastal crimes. The first is set on Portland Island, Dorset - DEATH IN THE COVE, and the second is set in Newhaven, East Sussex - DEATH IN THE HARBOUR.  Number three in the Inspector Ryga series DEATH IN THE NETS set in Brixham, Devon will be published on 4 October 2021.

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