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On location with Inspector Andy Horton in DEATH LIES BENEATH

Death Lies Beneath, DI Andy Horton MysteryDEATH LIES BENEATH is set in the month of June and is a multi-layered Detective Inspector Andy Horton crime novel, number eight in the series of fifteen. (I'm currently writing number sixteen in the series 2021)

There are two locations that inspired me for the setting of DEATH LIES BENEATH, one was the marshes on the northern boundary of the city of Portsmouth, facing on to Langstone Harbour, Farlington Marshes.

The other was the area of Tipner, or more specifically the sea bordering this north western boundary of Portsmouth, which filters into Portsmouth Harbour.


The setting for DI Andy Horton mystery, DEATH LIES BENEATH.


Farlington Marshes, featured in DI Andy Horton, Death Lies BeneathEx con Daryl Woodley is found dead in a remote location of Farlington Marshes.

Farlington Marshes is part of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. It is a coastal grazing marsh and lagoon which has several pools, and a broad stream providing feeding and roosting sites for waders and wildfowl.

Farlington Marshes, featured in DI Andy Horton, Death Lies BeneathThe marshes were reclaimed from the harbour in 1771. During World War 2 it was used as a starfish site acting as a decoy for Portsea Island. The control blockhouses remain on the marshes

The Intelligence Directorate believe Woodley's murder is linked to big time crook Marty Stapleton currently serving time in prison. DI Horton is not so sure.

He attends Woodley’s funeral in the hope it will give them a lead in an investigation that has drawn a blank at every turn. It does but not in the way he or anyone expected.

Crane Portsmouth Harbour in DI Andy Horton Death Lies BeneathThen a woman's body is found on a rotting boat being salvaged in Portsmouth Harbour in Tipner Lake within the Portsmouth Harbour special protection area. Moves to reclaim the land for the expansion of Portsmouth were rejected in the early 1990s on environmental grounds but the area around the Tipner quayside has been cleared in preparation for the re-development which at the time of writing has not happened.

Solent across to the Isle of Wight, DI Andy Horton crime novelslHorton is catapulted into a complex and frustrating investigation which takes him across the Solent to the Isle of Wight.

Langstone Harbour featured in the DI Andy Horton novels
As the tension mounts to solve the case, Horton receives a chilling message; time, it seems, is also running out for him personally…

"A fast paced excellent mystery, with an interesting diverse set of characters, and an intriguing hook at the end that has me eagerly awaiting the next installment in this series. Highly recommended." Mystery People

"A treat for fans of the puzzle-box mystery." Kirkus Reviews

Pauline Rowson"Rowson’s solid eighth police procedural featuring Det. Insp. Andy Horton...convincing characters and a coherent plot bolster a crafty solution to the crimes." Publishers Weekly

"Pauline Rowson is an excellent constructor of false trails and DEATH LIES BENEATH is no exception. Carefully plotted, Andy Horton is a likeable if flawed character." Mysteries in Paradise.

Available in paperback, as an ebook, on Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Apple Books and Kobo also as an unabridged audio book and available for loan from UK, USA and Commonwealth libraries.

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