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Read an extract from DI Andy Horton Mystery DEATH LIES BENEATH set in June

Death Lies Beneath, an Inspector Andy Horton crime novel by Pauline RowsonDEATH LIES BENEATH, number eight in the Detective Inspector Andy Horton series of police procedural mysteries,(15) is set in June when the famous Isle of Wight Festival usually  takes place and Horton's investigations take him from Portsmouth across the Solent on the Wightlink ferry to the Isle of Wight and to the festival itself.

The Isle of Wight Festival in 2020 was cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic and in 2021 it will take pace from 16-19 September when all restrictions will have been lifted.

Below is a short extract with Inspector Andy Horton at the Isle of Wight Festival, first some background to the novel.

When ex con, Daryl Woodley is found dead on the marshes bordering Langstone Harbour the Intelligence Directorate believe his murder is linked to big time crook Marty Stapleton currently serving time in prison. DI Horton is not so sure. He attends Woodley’s funeral in the hope it will give them a lead in an investigation that has drawn a blank at every turn. It does but not in the way he or anyone expected. When the body of a woman dressed in black is found on a rotting boat being salvaged in Portsmouth Harbour Horton is thrown into a complex and frustrating investigation.

Read the extract of when Inspector Andy Horton is hot on the case in Death Lies Beneath at the Isle of Wight Festival

Weaving his way through the crowds Horton tried not to look like a cop but he felt conspicuous in his short-sleeved pale blue cotton shirt and chinos. He looked too neat, too clean and he felt too old even though there were many men older than him. He’d almost reached the backstage entrance when a black Range Rover pulled in. A voice hailed him with a hint of amusement. ‘Are you here for the festival or have you changed your mind about that job I offered you?’
Mike Danby. Horton might have known he’d be here, given his clientele. He crossed to the car and shouted, ‘If they chuck me out you’ll be the first person I’ll call.’
‘Why would they do that?’ Danby said surprised.
‘I’ve got a DCI who thinks I’m the lousiest copper on the planet and she’s itching to get shot of me.’
‘I’m sure you can handle her.’
Horton sometimes wondered, especially if her new-found friend was ACC Dean as he was rumoured to be, although Horton wouldn’t go so far as Uckfield’s claim that they were having an affair. ‘Are you handling the festival security?’ Horton shouted.
‘Only for the acts. I’m here to pick up Tammy Freiding. She's a singer,’ he added to Horton’s baffled look.
‘Have you got a minute to talk?’ asked Horton, though ‘talk’ was hardly the right word for a conversation conducted at this level. ‘It won’t take long.’
‘Hop in, it’s quieter and cooler.’
Gratefully, Horton climbed into the car. The air was decidedly chillier but the noise followed him.
Danby said, ‘I’ll drop you back to the entrance. It’ll be a bit quieter there.’
Horton thought he’d have to take him midway to the Solent to escape this din, but the row lessened as one of the acts finished.

"Pauline Rowson is an excellent constructor of false trails and DEATH LIES BENEATH is no exception. Carefully plotted, Andy Horton is a likeable if flawed character." Mysteries in Paradise

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