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What's on in August 2021

Hayling Island BeachSchools out for the summer holidays here in England so it's a rather busy time where I live on the south coast by the sea as everyone heads down to the beach.  Luckily I can walk to the sea so no traffic queues for me unless I foolishly decide to venture off my little island, or need to for an appointment, then I'm likely to get stuck in traffic jams on the way back home.

 Hopefully August will be spent walking the coast, thinking about plots for my crime and mystery novels.  I'll be setting aside Inspector Ryga mystery number four in the 1950s set series to do final revisions on DI Andy Horton number sixteen, which is scheduled for publication in April 2022.  That will be here quicker than you can blink!

TIDE OF DEATH DI Andy Horton 1 by Pauline RowsonAugust sees three of my DI Andy Horton crime novels set in that month, so it's a busy time for Andy, although to be fair they're not all set in the same year! The first is Horton's very first investigation TIDE OF DEATH, (no. 1 in the series) when after an eight month suspension on a charge of gross misconduct he is back in CID and running along Portsmouth's seafront on a foggy August day where he almost trips over the naked body of a man on the beach. Determined to prove his innocence of the charges that have wrecked his career and his marriage Horton finds his personal investigations sidelined when he sets out to find a killer who will stop at nothing to cover his tracks.

DI Andy Horton DEATH SURGE and UNDERCURRENTHe has two more complex investigations in August UNDERCURRENT (no.9) which is swiftly followed by another DEATH SURGE (no. 10). I'll be featuring these crime novels on my website this month, talking about the inspiration behind them and the locations used.

There will be more podcast episodes on my podcast channel throughout the month which you can listen to on Podomatic, Spotify, Player FM  or Google Podcasts. or here on my website.

Meanwhile to refresh your memories here is what's in store for DI Andy Horton and Sergeant Cantelli in August in UNDERCURRENT and DEATH SURGE. 

Undercurrent, Inspector Andy Horton (9)

Undercurrent - DI Andy Horton 9 by Pauline Rowson

When naval historian Dr Douglas Spalding is found dead in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, the Major Crime Team is adamant it is suicide. Detective Inspector Horton is not so sure. Then another body is found in similar circumstances and Horton is convinced they’re looking at murder; but not so his bosses.  Angry and frustrated at the lack of investigation, Horton goes out on a limb to prove he’s right. Whichever way he turns, he finds the deaths have all the hallmarks of a cover up at the highest level, but who is behind it and why? Soon Horton begins to find disturbing similarities with his own private investigations into the disappearance of his mother thirty years ago. As he gets closer to the truth though someone is determined to prevent it from ever coming out, even if means death.

'Rowson offers up a thorny, multifaceted plot; a profusion of unusual twists; a likable yet complex hero; and plenty of fast-paced, knuckle-biting action.' Booklist USA

Death Surge, Inspector Andy Horton (10)

Death Surge, DI Andy Horton 10 by Pauline Rowson

A telephone call from a frantic Sergeant Cantelli to say that his nephew, Johnnie Oslow, is missing cuts short Detective Inspector Horton’s sailing trip to France. Summoned back to the Isle of Wight, Horton learns that Johnnie has not shown up for racing during Cowes Week, as previously arranged. The investigation is ranked low priority by Horton’s boss, DCI Lorraine Bliss, who like others believes Johnnie has probably gone off with a woman. But events take a very different turn when the charred remains of a body are discovered in one of the disused tunnels at the Hilsea Lines in Portsmouth. With the arrival of Detective Chief Superintendent Sawyer of the Intelligence Directorate and Agent Harriet Eames of Europol, what began as the hunt for a missing man becomes the search for a ruthless killer.

'A crisply written, cleverly plotted procedural with a nice twist.' Booklist USA

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